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  • Plasma Cutting
    torches – the cut is clean with little or no dross.
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    dross and heat-affected zone. Low kerf widths of 13 um can be achieved for tight geometry tolerances. Ceramic
  • Troubleshooting CNC Plasma Cutting, Part II
    The four most common cut quality issues for fabricators are dross, edge angularity, material warpage, and metallurgy of the plasma-cut edge. Your ability to achieve the best results depends on the system, torch, and consumables you are using, as well as the accurate control of such highly critical
  • Troubleshooting CNC Plasma Cutting: Part I
    to cut the outside contour of the part. While doing so will create some low-speed dross on the bottom portion of the hole, it will minimize taper in the hole.
  • Thermal spray: Better performance for less
    the intense conditions required of aircraft engines and landing gear. In the steel industry, processing-line rolls are prone to wear and dross development that shortens their work life. Conditions on galvanizing lines are the harshest -- sheets feed through pots of molten zinc at around 850 F. Here
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    cutter. Additionally, the captured process allows tighter tolerances to be kept when processing small-diameter tubing. Parts coming off the machine typically do not have dross or slag left over from the cutting process, which means less time in the electropolishing postprocess. Written
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Moreover, laser microjets significantly reduce the need for postprocessing steps because they generate no burrs or dross on the material surface. Moreover, particle contamination is reduced. Stents are mesh tubes that improve and ensure blood flow in blood vessels narrowed as a result of atherosclerosis

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