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    of drugs in contact with elastomers and polymers. With correct material plasma pretreatment, good stability and adhesion are maintained, which makes this type of surface modification treatment suitable for a range of medical device applications in addition to drug delivery. For example, linear low-density
  • Choosing the Proper Equipment for Pharmaceutical Stabililty Room Humidity and Temperature Mapping
    of shelf life. Humidity,. temperature, light and other conditions can cause drugs to degrade or lose their efficacy. before reaching the consumer. Stability testing is usually performed in some type of. environmental chamber which allows for changing conditions of humidity and. temperature
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    been shown to offer the following benefits. * Unlike irradiation methods, EtO does not significantly affect or change the molecular structure of the plastic materials used for the construction of medical devices. * The long-term stability testing required with sterilisation can be met by adopting prior
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Surface Treatment
    stability, aluminium is frequently used to shield plastic housings. A company has developed a process to selectively coat moulded plastic parts with aluminium. In a high-vacuum environment, the metal evaporates and condenses on the surface of the. MDL:EMDM:May1997:Spotlight on Surface Treatment. Skip
  • Medical Device Link . Effect of formulation on lyophilization, part 2
    temperature and chamber pressure for conducting primary drying during lyophilization. Such information concerns the freezing characteristics of the water constituent and the degree of crystallization, collapse temperature, and any phase change in the interstitial region of the matrix. Several analytical
  • Medical Device Link . New Resins
    to the manufacturer, the materials, which are made with vegetable-derived stabilizers and lubricants, exhibit greater clarity and continued high performance in heat stability and melt viscosity as compared with compounds containing animal-fat microingredients. The materials are suitable for a variety
  • Medical Device Link . Isothermal Microcalorimetry: A New Tool for Biomaterials Research
    . An earlier version of this study was presented at the 17th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference, held in San Antonio, TX, February 6 8, 1998. REFERENCES 1. Koenigbauer MJ, Brooks SH, Rullo G, et al., "Solid-State Stability Testing of Drugs by Isothermal Microcalorimetry," Pharma Res, 9:939 944
  • Medical Device Link .
    and long-term stability for delivery flexibility and versatility in the design of a therapy. As well as drug delivery, other potential applications are mobile air monitoring systems where the micropump continuously delivers samples to the sensor to detect the properties of ambient air. This system

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