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  • States > New Jersey > State > Statutes > Title 13 - Conservation and Development - Parks and Reservations > 1E - Solid Waste Management
    "Distributor" means a person who sells dry cell batteries at wholesale to retailers in this State, including any manufacturer who engages in these sales, except that a "distributor" shall not include any wholesaler or distributor owned cooperatively by retailers; .
    … televisions, etc 6150 Electrical installation equipment for domestic use 6150 Electro-thermic hair-dressing or hand drying apparatus 6150 Fans and … … hoods for domestic use ( wholesale ) 6150 Immersion heaters 6150 … … domestic use 6150 Primary cells and primary batteries for domestic use 6150 …
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    Electrical supplies, including wire or cable assembly, switches, lamps insulation, dry cell batteries or similar supplies. … phonograph records, buttons, or similar products printing or publishing Produce or meat markets, wholesale Public parking garages …
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  • Renewable and Efficient Electric Power Systems
    … of 1992 (EPAct), 8–10 energy service companies (ESCOs), 580 enhanced geothermal systems, 556 Enron, 12 enthalpy, 605–9 entropy, 609–12 environmental impacts of wind, 491 equation of time, 207–08 equinox, 192 equivalent circuits for PV cells , 277–84 exempt wholesale generators, 8 experience curves … … firm capacity, 506 fixed charge rate, 38–40 flip financing of wind, 489 flow batteries , 576–7 fossil fuel … … 257–60, 263–6 home area networks (HAN), 570 horizontal axis wind turbines, 413–14 hot dry rock, 556 hour …
  • Final Consolidated MHSW Program Plan, Volume 2
    Consumer-Type Portable batteries are typically supplied in either of two ways: as replacement units that are sold separately (e.g. a package of AAA alkaline batteries ) by retailers and by wholesale distributors; or embedded in other products such as portable computers … Following the European experience, the North American battery industry voluntarily removed mercury from alkaline dry cell batteries.
  • Canada - Ontario - Proposed MHSW Program Plan
    However, the various applications for batteries results in some percentage (<10%) sold by wholesale distributors that supply businesses with products and services. The vast majority of dry cell batteries are alkaline- manganese of various sizes (AAA, AA, 9-volt, D, C) that range in weight from 11 grams up to 142 grams.
  • Dry Battery - Dry Battery Manufacturers, Suppliers (Page 2)
    2014 New Product Evod Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer Evod Battery E Cig Wholesale China EVOD battery e-cigarette Battery capacity: 650/900/1100mAh Battery Thread: eGo, compatible with CE4/CE5/CE6/CE8/CE9/Vivi Nova/510... CR 2032 Dry Button Cell Battery .

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