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  • States > New Jersey > State > Statutes > Title 13 - Conservation and Development - Parks and Reservations > 1E - Solid Waste Management
    "Distributor" means a person who sells dry cell batteries at wholesale to retailers in this State, including any manufacturer who engages in these sales, except that a "distributor" shall not include any wholesaler or distributor owned cooperatively by retailers; .
    … televisions, etc 6150 Electrical installation equipment for domestic use 6150 Electro-thermic hair-dressing or hand drying apparatus 6150 Fans and … … hoods for domestic use ( wholesale ) 6150 Immersion heaters 6150 … … domestic use 6150 Primary cells and primary batteries for domestic use 6150 …
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    Electrical supplies, including wire or cable assembly, switches, lamps insulation, dry cell batteries or similar supplies. … phonograph records, buttons, or similar products printing or publishing Produce or meat markets, wholesale Public parking garages …
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  • Final Consolidated MHSW Program Plan, Volume 2
    Consumer-Type Portable batteries are typically supplied in either of two ways: as replacement units that are sold separately (e.g. a package of AAA alkaline batteries ) by retailers and by wholesale distributors; or embedded in other products such as portable computers … Following the European experience, the North American battery industry voluntarily removed mercury from alkaline dry cell batteries.
  • Canada - Ontario - Proposed MHSW Program Plan
    However, the various applications for batteries results in some percentage (<10%) sold by wholesale distributors that supply businesses with products and services. The vast majority of dry cell batteries are alkaline- manganese of various sizes (AAA, AA, 9-volt, D, C) that range in weight from 11 grams up to 142 grams.
  • Dry Battery - Dry Battery Manufacturers, Suppliers (Page 2)
    2014 New Product Evod Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer Evod Battery E Cig Wholesale China EVOD battery e-cigarette Battery capacity: 650/900/1100mAh Battery Thread: eGo, compatible with CE4/CE5/CE6/CE8/CE9/Vivi Nova/510... CR 2032 Dry Button Cell Battery .
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