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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
S000204LQ Global Industrial Krylon Products Group-Sherwin-Williams Not Provided Sprayon ™ Lu204 Dry Film Graphite Lubricant Liquisol ™ S000204lq - 12pk
s00200000 Global Industrial Krylon Products Group-Sherwin-Williams Not Provided Lu200 Dry Film Moly Lubricant - 11 Oz. - S00200000
s00204000 Global Industrial Krylon Products Group-Sherwin-Williams Not Provided Lu204 Dry Film Graphite Lubricant - 10 Oz. - S00204000
39896 Global Industrial LOCTITE Not Provided Loctite ® 39896 Moly Dry Film Lubricant, 1.3lb
03162 Radwell Crc Chemicals Not Provided ULTRA-LITE 3-36 DRY FILM LUBRICANT
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  • Bonded films take the "bite "
    properties of GFTP parts have had mixed results. Conventional dry-film lubricants, for example, lower surface friction but are sheared by glass fibers protruding above the plastic. Coatings that rely on thermal curing are typically processed at elevated temperatures that degrade most plastics. Further
  • Silicones are bright ideas
    that maintains optical clarity without yellowing or corroding. Dry-film lubricants offer "lifetime" reliability for headlamp-leveling systems.
  • Pre-Treatments Used With Coatings
    of the perfect circle. The corollary in dry films are the functions of adhesion, cohesion, wear, corrosion resistance, and coefficient of friction for any dry film lubricant can all be markedly improved by a proper pretreatment. The optimum pretreatment can make a dramatic difference. The level
  • Coating Specifications
    The list of specifications presented here is a limited overview of common dry film lubricant specifications in which we are approved for and/or can meet process application performance criteria. In today's ever-changing global economy, businesses are either purchased and/or acquired by others
  • Lube-for-life journal bearings
    to the pin/bearing interface; scrubbing using a graphite or MoS Sintered bearings disperse a liquid lubricant such as oil, grease, or silicone fluids trapped in the bearing wall. The lubricant eventually runs dry and must be replenished from an external source. Scrubbing mechanisms also rely
  • Wood you believe bearings?
    Rock-maple plain bearings can tolerate higher shaft speeds and loads than their plastic counterparts. Woodex bearings come in flange, pillow-block, roll-end, spherical, and hanger types. Style 226 hanger bearings and brackets are typically used in conveyors for grain, slurries, and dry chemicals
  • AFCs outperform oils and greases
    Advantages of using anti-friction coatings, or AFCs, to enhance automotive comfort and reliability are detailed in a recent article in Lubes'n'Greases. Molykote (R) brand coatings expert Vittorio Clerici explains how these dry-film solid lubricants work to optimize friction and wear control, where
  • Design bearings that don't seize
    or mixed-lubrication regimes. But it can also happen to fully lubricated bearings. Equipment that sits idle for a while between operations is particularly susceptible because oil can creep away or volatilize over time, leaving bearings completely dry at start-up. In fact, anything that interferes with lubricant
  • Lube it for life
    , they have better thermal and electrical conductivity. Inorganic salt impregnations are proprietary formulations that improve oxidation resistance of the carbon-graphite or electrographite base material. There are two categories to which mechanical-carbon applications are divided: dry running
  • Keeping dirt out and lube in
    , however, means quicker accelerations, higher cutting speeds, and rapid traverses, all which place greater demands on linear drives. High-speed cutting and dry-machining operations also generate fine particulates. Unchecked, these particles hasten wear and can quickly destroy even the best

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