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  • Multi-functional metamaterial sensor based on a broad-side coupled SRR topology with a multi-layer substrate
    …to the ports of the network analyzer (Agilent 8750D) through two WR-90 adapters at each end … resonance of the DSRR sensor is magnetically excited by the transversal magnetic field component of the fundamental … the DSRR-pressure sensor prototype for different sensing layer thicknesses (for εsub = 3, dsub = 0.508 mm…
  • Applied Mechatronics
    …interface connection to the CSM12C32 module, CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Studio, power adaptors and connecting cables .... The board provides socket header’s breakout connectors to allow for user-generated I/O signals to access the following auxiliary components available onboard: an 8-pin connector for a … display; a COM port with a 9-pin DSUB connector; an RS-232…
  • L-com Connectivity - CSMN9MF-2.5 - Computer/Data Cable Assemblies - D-Sub - Allied Electronics
    RECEPTACLE, EH SERIES, 9-PIN DSUB MALE TO FEMALE, REVERSIBLE. .... Adapter , Slimline Null Modem Adapter, DB9 Male / Female. .... Passive Components > Resistors .
  • L-com Connectivity - CSMN9MM-10 - Computer/Data Cable Assemblies - D-Sub - Allied Electronics
    D-Sub/D-Shaped Connectors > Adapters . .... RECEPTACLE, EH SERIES, 9-PIN DSUB FEMALE TO FEMALE. .... Passive Components > Varistors (MOV) .
  • YUI 2.8 Learning the Library
    …var tabs = new YAHOO.widget.TabView("productTabs"); //add a new tab programmatically tabs.addTab(new YAHOO.widget.Tab({ label:"Accessories", content:"SLI bridge
    4 pin molex to 6 pin " + "PCI-e adapter
    DVI to DSUB converter" })); //add another new … Container family of controls found in the YUI provides an important series of components that allow us…
  • Cables And Connectors Link A Wireless World | Components content from Microwaves & RF
    The RF- DSUB series promises up to a 50-percent increase in high-frequency RF-signal density .... The RF components will link the system's antennas, computers, transmitters, receivers, and other components that constitute the … of RF Industries can fabricate functional equivalents for most RF coaxial connectors and adapters that are obsolete…
  • Switchcraft - EHUSBBAX - Data/Ethernet/Telecom Connectors - Connectors - Allied Electronics
    D-Sub/D-Shaped Connectors > Adapters . .... RECEPTACLE, EH SERIES, 15-PIN DSUB FEMALE TO FEMALE. .... Passive Components > Resistors .
  • Finite Element Analysis for Satellite Structures
    …displacement boundary conditions at the nodes (117 nodes) attached to the launch vehicle adapter and located at … is written to the results file (*.RST), and the reduced solution is written to the file (*. DSUB ). .... used to determine the displacements, stresses, strains, and internal forces in structures or components caused by loads…
  • Workplace for measurement of selected parameters of communication buses
    In the paper will be describe how it is possible to add next components for example WiFi … 232 and CAN 2.0 interface with on-board transceiver and 9-pin DSUB connector and expansion .... The USB2CAN is an adapter for a connection the CAN bus to the PC by way of…
  • 2006 IEEE MTT-S Exhibition Guide as of March 20
    Corry, PA M. Smith, C. McBride Introducing a complete line of filtered DSUB connectors. .... Amplifiers, Couplers, Filters, Hybrids, Isolators/Circultors, Millmeter-wave Components , Mi(ersIModula.toKrsDetectors, Oscillators, Phcse Shifters, Power Dividers, Power .... Con ectorslCable Adapters .