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  • Multi-functional metamaterial sensor based on a broad-side coupled SRR topology with a multi-layer substrate
    � to the ports of the network analyzer (Agilent 8750D) through two WR-90 adapters at each end � � resonance of the DSRR sensor is magnetically excited by the transversal magnetic field component of the fundamental � � the DSRR-pressure sensor prototype for different sensing layer thicknesses (for ?sub = 3, dsub = 0.508 mm �
  • Applied Mechatronics
    � interface connection to the CSM12C32 module, CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Studio, power adaptors and connecting cables � The board provides socket header�s breakout connectors to allow for user-generated I/O signals to access the following auxiliary components available onboard: an 8-pin connector for a � � display; a COM port with a 9-pin DSUB connector; an RS-232 �
  • Switchcraft - EHUSBBAX - Data/Ethernet/Telecom Connectors - Connectors - Allied Electronics
    D-Sub/D-Shaped Connectors > Adapters RECEPTACLE, EH SERIES, 15-PIN DSUB FEMALE TO FEMALE Micro Commercial Components .
  • Cables And Connectors Link A Wireless World | Components content from Microwaves & RF
    The RF- DSUB series promises up to a 50-percent increase in high-frequency RF-signal density � The RF components will link the system's antennas, computers, transmitters, receivers, and other components that constitute the � � of RF Industries can fabricate functional equivalents for most RF coaxial connectors and adapters that are obsolete �
  • YUI 2.8 Learning the Library
    tabs.addTab(new YAHOO.widget.Tab({ label:"Accessories", content:"SLI bridge
    4 pin molex to 6 pin " + "PCI-e adapter
    DVI to DSUB converter" })); � Container family of controls found in the YUI provides an important series of components that allow us �
  • AB415 Assmann WSW Components | AE10300-ND | DigiKey
    Convert From ( Adapter End � Assmann WSW Components � GENDER CHANGER DSUB 25POS M-M .
  • Finite Element Analysis for Satellite Structures
    � displacement boundary conditions at the nodes (117 nodes) attached to the launch vehicle adapter and located at � � is written to the results file (*.RST), and the reduced solution is written to the file (*. DSUB ). � used to determine the displacements, stresses, strains, and internal forces in structures or components caused by loads �
  • Workplace for measurement of selected parameters of communication buses
    In the paper will be describe how it is possible to add next components for example WiFi � � 232 and CAN 2.0 interface with on-board transceiver and 9-pin DSUB connector and expansion � The USB2CAN is an adapter for a connection the CAN bus to the PC by way of �
  • 2006 IEEE MTT-S Exhibition Guide as of March 20
    Corry, PA M. Smith, C. McBride Introducing a complete line of filtered DSUB connectors. Amplifiers, Couplers, Filters, Hybrids, Isolators/Circultors, Millmeter-wave Components , Mi(ersIModula.toKrsDetectors, Oscillators, Phcse Shifters, Power Dividers, Power � Con ectorslCable Adapters .
  • Autonomic network configuration for networkable digital appliances
    � consumer devices are quite similar to personal computers (PC) in terms of system architectures and electronic components . X1 HD- DSUB 15-Pin USB X1 (for AC Adapter ) Size .