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  • Granular nanoelectronics
    In a similarfashion, one can construct code converters,pari- ty checkers , parity encoders: multiplex- ers, and so forth. No wonder that all conventionallogic families (RTL, DTL , TIL,IIL, ECL, etc.)require a tran- sistor; one �
  • Cost-effective Approach to Error Detection for an Embedded Automotive Platform
    Such tools have to enable automated stimuli generation, appropriate checker implementation and corresponding coverage collection and analysis. � a hierarchical bus system comprising an AMBA multilayer AHB backbone, universal Philips interface ( DTL ) busses - connecting the � � memory is coded but divided in two partitions: the 20% with ECCs and the other with parity .
  • Elements of the applied electronics
    / contact 31-image 303 dry/fit 328-safe 328 DTL / power gate 241-circuit 241 DT � - schwingkreis 64, 68 - 73, 114, 210, 360, 361 - - voltage negative feedback 146,160-converter 272, 273, parasitic 116, 118, 212, 292 parity testers 414 PC 302 PCB 357 PDP 97 PE 365 level 236, 363, absolute 363, representation 363-mass 363, relative �
  • Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis
    Wilke, T.: Alternating tree automata, parity games, and modal ?-calculus. Using the proposed reduction, we can verify these systems using finite state model checkers and thus can � 0 p(sl?1, sl, tl?1)� dtl ?1)...
  • Computer Aided Verification
    In Proc. of DTL �04, volume 3340 of LNCS, pages 30�48. � purpose monitoring algorithm for ALTL which only needs to call a boolean satisfiability checker at each step � A cornucopia of other results are known: parity tree automata are equivalent to monadic second-order logic �
  • Computer Aided Verification
    J. V�oge, M. Jurdzinski, A strategy improvement algorithm for solving par- ity games, CAV 2000, Lect. , is too large for a model checker to handle, the localization reduction method works as follows: first � In this section, we formulate the separation problem as a Decision Tree Learning( DTL ) problem, which is �