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Parts by Number for Dual Detector Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
AD8364ACPZ-REEL7 Digi-Key Analog Devices Inc RF/IF and RFID IC DETECTOR DUAL 60DB 32LFCSP
018038 PLC Radwell Visonic Ltd Safety Systems, Safety Relay DETECTOR DUAL AM PIR/MICROWAVE
HGDI-DR Tequipment.Net SBS Not Provided Hydrogen Gas Detector - Dual Relay

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  • Characterizing Coarse Particles with Dual EDS Detectors (.pdf)
    in the carbon tape are eliminated as well showing that the. dual detector approach not only help with the coarse particles but also reduces more subtle topology. effects. Figure 6 – Sum of the EDS maps of coarse particles obtained using two different detectors. Conclusions. Dual detectors are very useful
  • Characterizing Fracture Surfaces with Dual EDS Detectors (.pdf)
    away from the detector. Microsoft Word - AppNote Fracture Surfaces.doc Fracture Surfaces. Application Note - EDS. Characterizing Fracture Surfaces. with Dual EDS Detectors. Bob Anderhalt and Stuart Wright - EDAX. Introduction. Performing EDS analysis on a specimen with rough. surface
  • Selecting a Flame Detector
    Detectors. When a UV optical sensor is integrated with an IR sensor, a dual band detector is created that is. sensitive to the UV and IR radiation emitted by a flame. The combined UV/IR flame detector. offers increased immunity over the UV detector,, operates at moderate speeds of response
  • Application of Fast Response Dual-Colour Pyroelectric Detectors with Integrated Op Amp in a Low Power NDIR Gas Monitor (.pdf)
    of 100 ppm over a total range of 0 ppm to 2000 ppm /1/. ./e2da1ff0-4f72-4d2e-8a64-20e3bd6524d2 Application of Fast Response Dual-Colour Pyroelectric Detectors with Integrated. Op Amp in a Low Power NDIR Gas Monitor. InfraTec GmbH, Gostritzer Str. 61-63, 01217 Dresden. 1. Introduction
  • Basics of Dual Fractional-N Synthesizers/PLLs
    in a low-cost, low-power radio. Microsoft Word - 101463B.doc. WHITE PAPER. Basics of Dual Fractional-N Synthesizers/PLLs. The term fractional-N describes a family of synthesizers that. speed up or slow down the VCO in case of a frequency difference. allow the minimum frequency step to be a fraction
  • Applying Neural Network Technology To Next Generation Flame Detectors
    flame-sensing technologies. with highly intelligent neural network processors. The. in use today: ultraviolet (UV), ultraviolet / infrared. result is a breakthrough flame detector that provides the. (UV / IR), dual infrared (IR2), triple infrared (IR3), and. industry’s most reliable discrimination
  • Infrared Technology for Fail-To-Safe Hydrocarbon Gas Detection
    for measuring gas leaks so the measurement is expressed in terms of concentration times path length. The open path system incorporates many of the same advantages of the optical point detector and includes a dual range, ppm.m for small hydrocarbon leaks and LEL.m for more catastrophic leaks. Infrared
  • Manlifts, Scissor Lifts, and Aerial Work Platforms
    This application can be readily satisfied by either of three superior Spectron products: TAD II Threshold Angle Detector, SPECTROLTILT ii Dual Axis Inclinometer, SP Series Dual Axis Electrolytic Tilt Sensor. Microsoft Word - 407AD644-556C-08C4E4.doc. Manlifts, Scissor Lifts, and Aerial Work