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  • Re: Derating Factors for Cable

    Sir, The cable size has to be large enough so the heat losses into the surrounding soil do not heat the cable beyond the temperature the insulation is rated for. Knowing the configuration of adjacent ducts in the cable bank and the temperature rating of the insulation are both essential. Keep searc...

  • Re: cable ampacity

    Hi Not to confuse at all, but there is more to just looking up on a table for the current carrying capacity of a cable. in any chart you look up there will be some standard specifications linked to the value. IE, depth of cable, or on a rack or in the air or in a duct, How many cables run together,...

  • Re: cable sizing calculation

    To size the current you should refer the relevant bs,is or IEC standards. Alternatively from cable manufacturer tables(ducab or polycab or oman) one can calculate the current but several factors have to be taken into consideration 1. cables being laid in air,duct or buried ground.

  • Re: Static Pressure for Exhaust fan

    helo iam sivabalasubramanian working for ISRO-GOVT OF INDIA IAM A HVACE ENGINEER ANSWER you have not mentioned the unit for static pressure i presume it is = inchs SWG Please refer to the friction chart for ducts availble in ASHRAE handbook or design dat...

  • Re: Static Pressure

    You can also find static pressure drop of a duct given the duct size, volume of air flow (cfm) and velocity. You can also use a chart or an engineering design tool called a ductculator. For a given size of duct, lets say for example 24"x12" in a HVAC application. Industry standard of supply air flow...

  • Re: Flase Floor.Measurement of air leakage.Testing Procedures.

    It is used in places, where a large amount -mostly electronic - equipment is packed together in rows of racks or cabinet, like internet hubs, server farms, large computing centers, supercomputers. You get the idea. Such equipment generally is positively aircooled: individual fans or blowers force...

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GURLEY Cobb Sizing Testers

GENUINE GURLEYTM Cobb Sizing Testers have been manufactured by Gurley for over a half-century and represent an economical and practical means of determining liquid absorptiveness or resilience of treated and untreated papers, boards, fabrics and other sheet materials. The complete kit consists of the Gurley-Cobb test apparatus, its 10-kg roller and a supply of blotting paper. The roller method is recommended to insure better consistency and reliability that can be obtained by manual blotting...

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Badger Meter is thrilled to introduce its new sizing software for Research Control ® Valves (RCV). This software will adapt to the unique process requirements of a plant and guides specifiers through selecting the right control valve for any project. With more than 2000 different media available and the ability to create customized media, plus automatic phase identification, RCVcalc provides accurate and meaningful valve sizing information to better reflect the system parameters...