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Parts by Number for Dummy Load Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DUMMY_LOAD_V2.0 ASAP Semiconductor TPT Not Provided Not Provided
M39030/5-04N ASAP Semiconductor DUMMY LOAD Not Provided Not Provided
M39030/3-13 ASAP Semiconductor LOAD, DUMMY Not Provided Not Provided
BNCDL50 ASAP Semiconductor BNC 50 OHM DUMMY LOAD Not Provided Not Provided
TNCDL75 ASAP Semiconductor TNC DUMMY LOAD 75 OHM Not Provided Not Provided
40750-75 ASAP Semiconductor AMPHENOL Not Provided DUMMY LOAD,ELECTRICAL
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  • Dummy Bar Disconnect Cylinder Upgrade
    A steel processor was experiencing hydraulic cylinder failure on the caster dummy bar disconnect cylinder. Failures were so common and repair times so lengthy that three spares were required for one operating unit. Dummy Bar Disconnect Cylinder Upgrade - Industrial Resource Group, LLC. Industrial
  • Crash Test Dummy Manufacturer Brings EDM In-House
    for the creation of automotive crash test dummies. FTSS is a division of the international First Technology PLC, manufacturer and supplier of products and services for sensing, measuring and safety testing. FTSS's 36,000 square-foot facility is staffed with 100 employees and is the home of dummy research
  • Comparison of Load Distributions between Human Occupants and ATDs in Normal and Non-Normal Occupant Positions and Postures (.pdf)
    indicate: (1). indicated that 5th female human subjects’ cushion load. Passenger off-loading 1. can be affected by seating. differ from the test dummy. [9][10]. This variation becomes. conditions; (2) ATDs have less off-loading than human. more significant with seat surface pressure measurement
  • How linear FEA helps in fatigue analysis
    a 3D FEA model to make a point. After a linear-static stress analysis, results show the maximum (peak) stress is 43.88 ksi with a dummy axial load of 10,000 lb. Because it is a linear analysis, we can easily scale the stresses for different loads against the dummy load. Therefore, the maximum (peak
  • MIL-STD-1553 Networks Made Simple
    . Phone: 516-682-7700. Syosset, NY 11791. Fax: 516-682-7704. A Leading Provider of Measurement and Connectivity Solutions. al validation or qualification testing be performed with a. When testing 1553 networks it must be kept in mind. dummy load on the unused stubs to present
  • Understanding In-Line RF Power Measurements
    plasma application may be quite different from that of driving a broadband, resistive dummy load. To be of any diagnostic value, attempts to monitor or verify energy delivery performance through the use of externally applied in-line wattmeters requires an understanding of the measurement type and also
  • Medical Device Link . EMI at the Patient Cable Radio-frequency interference poses a major threat to sensitive patient cables, but there are several ways to address this problem with success.
    levels of patient equipment are lower when connected to a patient than when connected to a dummy load: the human body acts like an antenna, sending more interference to the receiving device. This issue is being addressed by a group of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • Technical Resource: Common Wireless Terms
    in areas susceptible to the affects of multi-path interference. Dummy Load: A device that serves as a transmitters antenna without radiating radio waves. Generally a resistive device who 's Impedance is matched to the Transmitter. Duty Cycle: A percentage of the time "on " (transmitting) versus the time