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  • Minerals, Aggregates, and Sands-Image
    Minerals, Aggregates, and Sands - (363 companies)
    Minerals, aggregates and sands consist of bulk or particulate forms of silicates, clays, calcium carbonate, wollastonite, aggregates and other additives used to extend, fill, strengthen or modify plastics, coatings, adhesives, and other materials... Learn More
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    Silica, Quartz, and Silicate Materials - (138 companies)
    How to Select Silica, Quartz and Silicate Materials. Silica, quartz and silicate materials include fused silica, quartz, kaolin or clay-based materials, cordierite, steatite, forsterite, sillimanite, zircon, porcelain, and fireclay. They are based... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Bricks - (112 companies)
    ...consist of fired ceramic, clay, or cement materials that are cut into specific shapes, such as a rectangle, and used for building walls or furnaces or for paving surfaces. Bricks vary in material makeup, size, and shape and include products for specific... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Durometers-Image
    Durometers - (66 companies) be tested and the hardness information is displayed. This is considered a form of nondestructive testing, as the sample is not permanently deformed. Durometers use a specific scale, the durometer hardness scale, for measuring the hardness... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Gumbo Removal Equipment - (6 companies)
    Gumbo removal equipment refers to ancillary pieces of solids removal equipment utilizing a chain-type conveyor that removes hydrated clays (referred to as "gumbo") and other solids that would otherwise cake to the screens of a shale shaker. Gumbo... Learn More
  • Absorbents and Adsorbents - (483 companies)
    ...humidity environments. Clay or clay silicates are natural mineral absorbents and adsorbents that are used as spill cleaning agents, sealants, and packing materials because they are inexpensive, inert, and have a quick capture rate. However they begin... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Bumpers - (225 companies)
    Bumpers are elastomeric hardware devices used for edge protection, cushioning, and impact absorption. Learn More
  • Extrusion Services - (966 companies)
    Extrusion services manufacture metals or alloys into bars, rods, angles, channels, tees, or other profile shapes through a process called extrusion. Examples of the metals and alloys that can be extruded are lead, tin, aluminum, copper, titanium, zinc, and steel. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Industrial Ceramic Materials - (414 companies)
    Industrial ceramic materials are non-metallic, inorganic compounds that include oxides, carbides, or nitrides. They have high melting points, low wear resistance, and a wide range of electrical properties. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Resins and Compounds - (356 companies)
    Resins and compounds are used for shape fabrication or bond formation. Types include adhesive, casting, and leveling resins; caulk and grout; and sealants and thread lockers. Search by Specification | Learn More
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...skate components for 20 years. "But with the crucial need to reduce costs, another less-expensive and more molding-friendly option had to be found. " Stadler's molding experience helped C-Tech identify better material options that included TPVs, elastomers, and various durometer TPUs along...

...density. Severe cure inhibition can lead to complete cure elimination, while modest cure inhibition can result in a lower final durometer (i.e., the material will be softer than expected). Even weak cure inhibition can cause the silicone material to appear wet at the substrate interface....

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ASTM C425 - 04(2009) Standard Specification for Compression...
ASTM C425 - 04(2009) Standard Specification for Compression Joints for Vitrified Clay Pipe and Fittings
See ASTM International Information

ASTM C1208 / C1208M - 11 Standard Specification for Vitrified...
Brick and Structural Clay Tile C301 Test Methods for Vitrified Clay Pipe C828 Test Method for Low-Pressure Air Test of Vitrified Clay Pipe Lines C896
See ASTM International Information

Clay Hardness/ Plasticity
ceramics >> ceramic test equipment >> Clay Hardness / Plasticity >>

Durometer High Precision Auto-loading Durometers
High-Precision Auto Loading Durometer Features: China Clay Sealant for building

casting : Messages : 6148-26189 of 36534
Durometer Testing Anyone know (in general) where I could go to get a Shore A hardness (durometer) test done on a few old urethane doll parts?

casting : Messages : 24623-24652 of 36534

Santoprene 73A FDA
Durometer Hardness A 73 - ASTM D2240 Durometer Scale Durometer Test Thickness 0.118 in Thermal

Bonny Doon Urethane Forming Hammer

See Rio Grande Information

Spin Casting - 700 Series - Black
Spin Casting ---------------- Abrasives Adhesives Anvils & Stakes Art Clay Beading Supplies Benches Bench Pins Books Brushes Burs Casting Cleaning

Re:ways to transform objects for molding? - Mr. Mold's Mold...
I go for 2) Use an air-hardening clay so that I can brush silicon on without fear of damaging or distorting the clay but will it shrink, crack and
See Silpak, Inc. Information

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