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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1470746010 Global Industrial Nilfisk-Advance America Not Provided Nilfisk Eliminator Ii Synthetic Dust Bag - 3 Bags/Pack
1406554040 Global Industrial Nilfisk-Advance America Not Provided Nilfisk Uz 964 High Filtration Dust Bag - 5 Bags/Pack
1470745010 Global Industrial Nilfisk-Advance America Not Provided Nilfisk Eliminator I Synthetic Dust Bag - 3 Bags/Pack
341927 ASAP Semiconductor NVQ 380 DUST BAGS Not Provided Not Provided

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  • How to Maintain your Dust Collector
    Control. Current Transformers / Switches. Fan Speed Controllers. Indicating Annunciators. Intrinsically Safe Barriers. Isolating Transmitters. Motion/Safety Switches. Panel Meters/Indicators. Particulate (Dust or Broken Bag) Sensors. Particulate (Dust or Broken Bag) Transmitters. Process Alarm
  • Controlling Static Hazards In Combustible Dust Atmospheres (.pdf)
    . To compensate for normal wear and tear on bags it is. are. components in conveying and dust collection systems. important to ensure the bag maintains its capacity to dissipate. capable of holding large amounts of static electricity. Isolated. charge and also ensure the ground connection between the bag
  • Pleated Bag Filters: A Baghouse Dust Collection Problem Solver
    Learn about the benefits of pleated bag filters how they can be a cost effective solution for capturing problematic dust
  • Dust Particle Capture (.pdf)
    Maximising dust collection as a revenue source may not, at first, seem an obvious way to reduce plant costs. However, Midwesco Filter has shown that by setting the best operating parameters and the right environment for cleaning systems, cement plants can not only ensure optimised cleaning
  • Minimize Dust Explosion Hazards
    . Keep a Lid on It Because pharmaceutical processors have long recognized the potency and toxicology of their powders, modern drug-making facilities are significantly freer of explosive dust than, say, grain or confection process plants. Containment strategies mitigate most pharmaceutical dust
  • Sealed Bulk Bag Discharge System Contains a Chemical Dust Hazard
    A chemical manufacturer contained hazardous airborne chemical dust by installing a sealed system from Flexicon Corporation for unloading bulk bags of chemical powder and transferring it to canisters.
  • Bulk Bag Unloading System Contains Toxic Dust in Fluoridation Plants
    A supplier of fluoridation systems designed an automated process in which toxic sodium silicofluoride powder is contained in a sealed system including a bulk bag discharger, dust containment system and flexible screw conveyor supplied by Flexicon Corporation.
  • Pulp and Paper: Improve Employee Health with Dust Control (Part 1)
    hazardous dust from becoming airborne. A multi-stage system allows debris to pass through several steps of filtration such as a paper bag, main cloth filter and HEPA filter, with each level acting as a barrier to the next. By the time the particles reach the last stage, the majority of the debris

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