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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SJ-3541-1"X50YD-BLACK Allied Electronics, Inc. 3M/ELECTRONIC SPECIALTY MKTS Not Provided Fastener; 40 lbs./sq-in.. (Dynamic); Black; Dual Lock, 50 yards
SJ3550 Allied Electronics, Inc. 3M/ELECTRONIC SPECIALTY MKTS Not Provided Fastener; 30 lbs./sq-in. (Dynamic); Black; Dual Lock 1in X 50 yds

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  • Making the Case for Tension Indicating Fasteners
    to ordinary bolts for estab-. • Tactile: A knob can no longer be turned by. ularly on structures subject to dynamic. lishing and maintaining the specified clamp. hand when proper tension is achieved. loads. Torque may be an insufficient. force on the joint. • Meter: A small meter in the head shows
  • How to Choose Fasteners that Maximize Assembly Life
    with a soft host material, such as aluminum or. application. Technically, when a load is applied, something plastic, which are subject to dynamic loading. has to give: the pin, the hole, or an element of the assembly. A pin that is too rigid causes the hole in which it is retained to. elongate and leads
  • Fasteners that maximize assembly life
    the hole in which it is retained to elongate and leads to eventual assembly failure. A pin that is too flexible fatigues under dynamic loading. Solid pins come in many different forms, including dowel, knurled, and grooved pins. In general, solid pins are strong and relatively inflexible. They do
  • Designing for Static and Dynamic Loading of a Gear Reducer Housing with FEA
    , the motor adapter was redesigned to lower stresses using the information from the FEA and comparing it to field test data. Designing for Static and Dynamic Loading of a Gear Reducer Housing with FEA Designing for. Static and Dynamic. Loading of a. Gear Reducer. Housing with FEA. M. Davis, Y.S.
  • Proper Fastener Selection and Application are Key to Bolted Joints That Won't Loosen or Lose Clamping Force
    still struggle with the problem of nuts and bolts loosening, which lead to problems ranging from inconveniences to catastrophes. Many bolt failures are caused by the joint losing clamp load due to vibration and high dynamic loads. This can loosen bolts, the result of relative movement eventually
  • Coatings and Clamp Load
    are possible on the same part. As Figure I (below) shows, a decrease of 10 in friction would decrease the underhead friction about five and the thread friction about two . While this does not seem like much, the decrease adds 70 more to the clamp load required. Dynamic Coatings, Inc
  • How RPM Impacts Torque Output
    will vary from those in the tool crib and from the dynamic values. These differences will need to be accounted for when engineering a residual torque specification. The equipment used for these testing methods would be: Dial Screwdrivers. Dial Wrenches. Digital Torque Wrenches or Digital Screwdrivers
  • Black oxide passes hydrogen-embrittlement test
    to failure. And susceptibility to embrittlement tends to increase with the tensile strength or hardness of the steel. Thus, the very design of high-strength fasteners, with their many stress risers and notches and typical exposure to high dynamic loads, makes them ideal candidates for failure

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