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  • Fasteners that maximize assembly life
    the hole in which it is retained to elongate and leads to eventual assembly failure. A pin that is too flexible fatigues under dynamic loading. Solid pins come in many different forms, including dowel, knurled, and grooved pins. In general, solid pins are strong and relatively inflexible. They do
  • Proper Fastener Selection and Application are Key to Bolted Joints That Won't Loosen or Lose Clamping Force
    still struggle with the problem of nuts and bolts loosening, which lead to problems ranging from inconveniences to catastrophes. Many bolt failures are caused by the joint losing clamp load due to vibration and high dynamic loads. This can loosen bolts, the result of relative movement eventually
  • Black oxide passes hydrogen-embrittlement test
    to failure. And susceptibility to embrittlement tends to increase with the tensile strength or hardness of the steel. Thus, the very design of high-strength fasteners, with their many stress risers and notches and typical exposure to high dynamic loads, makes them ideal candidates for failure
  • Medical Device Link .
    power in static and dynamic loads. Second, the adhesives flow into microscopic surface irregularities, sealing against moisture, salts, UV light,
  • Leadscrews roll over ball screws
    in lengths to 4 m. Polymer composite nut materials provide high strength, capable of supporting dynamic loads to 250 kg, long life (over 750 million cm of travel), and can be molded to custom shapes. In addition, antibacklash nuts automatically compensate for wear. Among some of the other benefits
  • Strong epoxy bonds without a hitch
    under static and dynamic loads by distributing stress across the exterior panel, is able to expand and contract with trailer skins as temperatures rise and fall, and eliminates the need for added trim strips to hide the joint. Startrack's specialty is building custom vehicles used as medical clinics
  • The Ultimate Tapping Screw for Plastics
    , etc. Sometimes it appears as though they're all overlapping versions of the same technology. The plastic industry continues to develop dynamic alloys and new applications; fasteners have maintained pace. By definition the materials we are concerned with are called thermoplastics, all of which
  • Ten Factors ForSpecifying Hinges
    the following considerations in mind. HOW MUCH LOAD WILL THE HINGES BEAR? Strength requirements play a major role in any design. In specifying hinges, crucial considerations include not only the weight of the door, but all possible external sources of load. Think about dynamic loading -- will equipment

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