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  • Research: vacuum in research and practice 2/2015
    It sets Fraunhofer FEP to be used therefore on a new roller-to-roller installation for flexible substrates (Plastics or metal foil, thin glass), in that electron beams under atmospheric pressure for curing of lacquers and also for surface treatment - that atmoFlex.
  • China - Classification Catalogue for Occupational Disease Hazards, issued by the Ministry of Health March 28, 2002 and effective May 1, 2002.
    … industry vessel electrical installation, marine instrument assembly, nuclear reactor installation, 17 radioactive substance transportation electrons and communication equipment industry hit hyperbaric old … … industry Υ irradiation processing, electron beam irradiation processing, radiative sterilization … … coated radiation stiffening, radiative cross - link , 22 radiative polymerization radiation …
  • Effect of sterilization techniques on the physicochemical properties of polysulfone hollow fibers
    Conversely, the e - beam -induced crosslinking of polymers, including PVP, and the restructuring of chemical bonds at lower dosages (10–100 kG) has … study (25 kG) was on the order of that used to sterilize medical equipment .32,33 Although …
  • Nanostructured Polymer Brushes
    The formation of monolayers of NBT on the Au/Pd surfaces was performed as previously reported.[15,19,28] EBCL to convert NBT to areas of crosslinked cABT was per- formed with … … LEO 1530 scanning electron microscope equipped with a Raith Elphy … The e - beam energy during the writing process was 3 kV in order to minimize proximi- ty effects but allow sufficient focusing of the beam, thus apply- ing an area dosage of 40 mCcmÀ2 .
  • Electron-beam curing of epoxy resins: Effect of alcohols on cationic polymerization
    0⋅1 g samples of initial reaction mix- ture and samples after e - beam irradiation were dissolved in 10 ml tetrahydrofuran (THF) (chromatographic grade, from Aldrich … … size ex- clusion chromatography (SEC) analysis using Perkin Elmer HPLC, model 200, equipped with refractive index detector. The column used is 5-micrometer PL gel-mixed C column (packed by highly cross linked spherical poly- styrene–divinyl benzene matrix).
  • Lithographically directed assembly of one-dimensional DNA nanostructures via bivalent binding interactions
    No post-apply bake was used in order to minimize cross - linking . E - beam patterning was done using a scanning electron microscope (FEI XL-30 Sirion) equipped with a Nabity NPGS pattern generator.
  • Quantitative comparison of ATR-IR spectra of LB and bulk layers of 22-tricosenic acid on inorganic supports
    Practical restrictions with respect to the IR analysis of polymerization processes using UV or e - beam irradiation may arise from the fragility and the small hardness of … … KRS5, particularly, if the elements have to be freed from highly cross - linked products. If, however, ATR devices equipped with diamond IREs are available the specimens can be deposited on inorganic …
  • Coil Coating
    The UV technology was integrated now [47-55] into the first coating installations . The insert of electron or UV radiation to the Initiierung of a chemical networking reaction is meant … The electron beam curing (ESH EBC, Electron beam Curing) occurs in the energy sector between 90 to 250 keV (possibly up).
  • Development tendencies in the field of organic coatings
    The mechanism by drawing and sequence of the networking reactions that drove for film formation is ahnlich … However, the scope of application, and particularly necessary installations differ by both radiation types however significantly. The principle of an installation to the electron beam hartung is represented in Abb. 2.
  • Effects of sterilization on optical and mechanical reliability of specialty optical fibers and terminations
    … of this method is that it needs an accelerator, which is not a standard piece of equipment . In addition, along with gamma radiation, E - beam can lead to significant alterations in the materials being treated. High-energy radiation produces ionization and excitation of polymer molecules which may result in crosslinking and/or chain scission.