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Parts by Number for E-Field Probe Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CTK015 Allied Electronics, Inc. 3M STATIC Not Provided 6.18 In. ScanEM-C Probe Kit; 2MHz-2GHz E Field Probe; 1MHz-1GHz H Field Probe

Conduct Research Top

  • RF Probe Calibration
    was aligned with the E-field (vertical) while this calibration was. performed. 7. Multi Axis Monopole Probe (FP-6001, Freq is. 1 to 4200 MHz, Has X, Y, and Z Monopole. Axis Elements). 8. Multi-Axis Monopole (SB IABF 9216, Freq is 9 kHz. to 3 gHz, Has X, Y, Z Monopole Elements, Must. use Spectrum
  • Medical Device Link . Benchtop EMC Testing Techniques for Medical Equipment Using loop probes to help test devices for electromagnetic compatibility saves costly redesign and complements open area and chamber tests.
    common-mode E-field responses.A loop probe tests for magnetic fields, which are most likely to be found near a product's seam fasteners or corners. Finally, antennas must be insulated when used as field probes. It's easy to inadvertently touch the probe to electronic components and live circuitry, creating
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    of emission of and immunity against. radiated and conducted electromagnetic disturbances as well as design practices for electromagnetic. compatibility. Projects include a radio-frequency spectrum analyzer, near-field. H-field and E-field probes, comb generator, conducted emissions probe, line impedance
  • 3D EMC/EMI Simulation of Automotive Multimedia Systems
    . FREQUENCY (GHz). s Fig. 1 3D magnetic field plot at 920 MHz. (a). inside the radio enclosure. s Fig. 4 E-field magnitude vs. frequency. E_Cav_x [pw]: 0.48107484. E_Cav_y [pw]: –13.232775. without electrolyte capacitors. ). E_Cav_z [pw]: 16.069212. BALANCE(1) =. S 2. 2. 11 + S21. 20. 1.0. 0.9. 0. NCE
  • Medical Device Link .
    Emissions from Low-Voltage Electrical and Electronic Equipment in the Range of 9 kHz to 40 GHz." Two small probes (one E-field, one H-field) are used in conjunction with a probe-positioning system. The goal of this setup is a measurement uncertainty of +-2 dB. A 5 X 5-cm region, 1 cm from
  • The Importace of Measuring Building Humidity: Best Practices for Sensor Selection
    representatives, na-. tional/strategic accounts and OEM business opportunities. Frank brings over 25 years of experience in many areas of the HVAC industry from the A &E field where he was. Setra Systems is a leading glob-. al designer and manufacturer. responsible for the system engineering