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  • Characteristics and Usage Guidelines for the ECOLEC Series 100 Meters (.pdf)
    of up to 10kV. Larger voltage. impulses will flashover from the live path at the bottom of the meter directly to the metal rail mounting if. this rail is connected to an earth potential. Earthing of the mounting rail will thus direct the impulse. energy away from the meters measurement circuits, helping
  • Medical Device Link .
    neutral line as indicated by S2 in Figure 3. This test is made with a normal and reversed line (S1) and an open and closed neutral line (S2). Figure 3. Line/earth leakage test. The measurement device chosen for use in making line leakage measurements is important. Standards require the use of meters
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    to ground. This current looks to travel through a product's insulation system and return to ground by any means available, whether that is through a safety earth ground connection or through an operator or patient who is at ground potential. For example, certain medical devices that run off line power
  • To Float or Not to Float? Analysis of a floating vs. grounded output
    and a load. In the event that the insulation on the load should fail, the ground. reference provides a low impedance path to earth. This is because electrons are lazy by. nature -- they will always take the path of least resistance. Proper grounding to earth. ensures that a person is not the low impedance
  • Omega's Role in Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (.pdf)
    in (LSST) 8.4 Meter Telescope Mirror OMEGA Has Starring Role in the LSST 8.4. Meter Telescope Mirror. The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) is a new kind of telescope that will combine a huge 8.4 meter primary. mirror with the world’s largest digital camera, boasting 3.2 billion pixels
  • Medical Device Link . New Test Equipment Offers Less Bulk, More Versatility
    operator errors. The Rigel can carry out load, insulation, IEC lead, earth continuity, earth leakage, enclosure leakage, patient leakage, and patient auxiliary current tests. The device offers true rms leakage measurements, automatic testing of single-fault conditions, and 16-A testing capability
  • Line Leakage Testing - Is it Right for Your Application? (.pdf)
    , it is easy to see why rigorous testing must be performed as a routine test. Whether the LLT is being performed as a type test or as a production test, the purpose of the test. is same: to determine if a product’s insulation has the integrity to prevent any current from. reaching the operator. When
  • Engineers Make Strong, Environmentally Friendly Plastic Foams
    in their efforts to replace the CFCs in plastic foam with carbon dioxide. The first part of Lee's presentation concerned nanocomposites, materials that contain particles of additives that measure only a few nanometers, or billionths of a meter, across. Nanocomposites have recently attracted attention
  • Corona & Testing - Who, What, When, Where & Why
    cameras, and daylight corona cameras using the solar-blind wavelengths on earth created by the shielding ozone layer surrounding the earth. 7. What damage does corona do? The accumulation of the nitric acid and micro-arcing within it create carbon tracks across insulating materials. Corona can also
  • Medical Device Link .
    , and IEC standards such as UL 2601-1, UL 1563, UL 1950, and UL 544. The unit can perform ac hipot tests from 50 to 5000 V, dc high-pot tests from 50 to 6000 V, insulation resistance measurements from 100 kW to 50 GW, and line/earth leakage measurements from 0.1 uA to 9.999 mA. QuadTech Inc., 100 Nickerson

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