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  • Line Leakage Testing - Is it Right for Your Application? (.pdf)
    of tests. There. are 4 different types of LLT’s: Earth Leakage test, Enclosure Leakage test, Patient Leakage. Current test, and Patient Auxiliary Current test (we will discuss each type of test later in the. document). Each test is performed under nominal operating conditions as well as in a variety
  • Isolation Transformer to Perform Line Leakage or Functional Run Tests
    that incorporates an Isolation Transformer which is the preferred method. The current leakage path to earth ground has been eliminated with the use of the isolation transformer. This effectively eliminates the shock hazard. ��. Instruments for Electrical. Safety Testing . . . Since 1936. Use of an Isolation
  • Medical Device Link .
    with the product (earth, enclosure, patient), and the operation of the product under normal and single-fault conditions. Figure 1. Electrical shock and analysis points for medical devices (click to enlarge). Leakage current measurements are performed with the product energized and in all conditions
  • Medical Device Link .
    mA. Table I. Leakage currents —maximum allowable for each equipment classification type. From the table it is clear that the maximum earth leakage current that a switch-mode power supply can have is 300 uA. However, it is better to design the unit to have a maximum earth leakage current of 100
  • Medical Device Link .
    , some sections are routinely applied in the production line environment. One of the most important and critical tests specified in IEC 601-1 is conducted with a circuit similar to that shown in Figure 3. It measures earth leakage current, which is essentially a sum of all leakages in the product under
  • Putting the Data into Power Supply Data Sheets (.pdf)
    . - Input Voltage Range. - Earth Leakage Current. - Inrush Current. •. Output Characteristics. - Overload Protection. - Remote Sense. - Output Accuracy and Minimum Loads. - Output Ripple and Noise. •. Efficiency. •. Reliability, Temperature and Cooling. •. EMC. Why is it that seemingly similar power
  • Medical Device Link .
    , there are plenty of opportunities for increasing productivity. Six tests are commonly performed at a production level: Figure 3. Earth leakage current test. This test is conducted under the following conditions: normal (S1 to the right, S2 closed), reversed line (S1 to the left, S2 closed), single-fault
  • Medical Device Link .
    , the new IEC standard has redefined earth leakage current as the currents flowing inside of the equipment (and therefore not hazardous to users or patients) and the mains distribution system. For this reason, earth leakage currents are limited (by the IEC standard) only such that they do not damage
  • Safety Standards & Regulations
    . This is ensured by it only being very low power. When applicable to power supplies this test is usually. only performed on the output lines with reference to earth and the resistance measured. In order to pass the test the resistance must be at least 1M. Ohm. Earth Leakage Current. The earth leakage current
  • Power Supplies in Medical Electronics
    current, but the most important with respect to power supply design are: • Earth leakage current: the current flowing along the earth conductor. • Enclosure leakage current: the current flowing from the enclosure to earth via the patient. Maximum leakage current is defined for three main types