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Parts by Number for Earth Terminal Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
285-637 Heilind Electronics, Inc. WAGO Terminal Blocks EARTH TERMINAL BLOCK 35MM
OTPE63EP PLC Radwell Parajust Panel Accessories, Disconnect Accessories EARTH TERMINAL FOR DISCONNECT
285637999950 PLC Radwell Wago Not Provided EARTH TERMINAL BLOCK 35MM GRN/YELLOW
56.301.9053.0 ASAP Semiconductor Wieland Not Provided EARTH TERMINAL WKC 1 SL/35
57.535.9055.0 ASAP Semiconductor Wieland Not Provided EARTH TERMINAL WKN 35 SL / U /V0
038026 AKE4 Newark / element14 WEIDMULLER Not Provided WEIDMULLER - 038026 AKE4 - EARTH TERMINAL; SCREW; 2 CONTACT; 26-12AWG
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  • Technology Advances Equal Innovative Earth Station Designs
    As the commercial and military satellite communications industries matured throughout the past few decades, there has been an almost single continuous concentration: the constant need to use earth station equipment that offers the highest performance and reliability while being cost effective
  • Earth Resistance Measurement
    of the earth resistance physical nature will help us evaluate the conditions to be fulfilled in order to get its correct measurement. According to its definition, resistors have two terminals and its resistance is defined as the quotient of the voltage applied on those terminals and the current
    The earth terminal of power supply should be connected to the equipment where power supply is placed as thicker and shorter to protect electric shock or noise interference. COSEL CO.,LTD. : Caution For Safety And Products. Cosel is one of the world's leading power supply manufacturers offering
  • Application Note - Control Chassis Grounding
    be isolated from earth ground at all times. Earth ground. conductors should not connect to any terminal strip on the control unless specifically labeled. GND, as in the 500 series. The 500 series is the only Dart Controls product that has a terminal. strip connection for earth ground. Dart Controls
  • 5 Tests to Calibrate Your DT80 Range Data Logger
    this by connecting an earth wire to the earth point on either side of the data logger, or for older models without the earth points, use the negative ('-') input of the power terminal block immediately below the Ethernet port on the left side of the datalogger. All tests assume that the operator is familiar
  • Lightning Transients
    The major mechanisms by which lightning produces surge voltages are the following: * A direct lightning strike to an external circuit (outdoor) injecting high currents producing voltages by either flowing through earth resistance or flowing through the impedance of the existing circuit
  • N-TRON Switch Grounding Techniques (.pdf)
    switches with metal brackets can be. supplied with optional plastic brackets if isolation is required. Both V- legs of the power input connector are. connected to chassis internally on the PCB. Connecting a drain wire to earth ground from one. of the V- terminal plugs as shown here will ground
  • The Benefits of Designing & Testing a Low Resistance Grounding System
    . Standards for equipment performance mandate the installation and maintenance of a reliable, low-resistance earth ground. These standards often cannot be met and certainly cannot be assured for the long term by traditional grounding methods, which call for minimum requirements. Much of this equipment