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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ZIP Economizer   Belimo Americas Economizers First and only economizer control that integrates onboard help for setup or troubleshooting. Modular Design – Flexible design capable of adding remote communication and or energy savings strategies on the same footprint.
MFPE 500 SS   Enervex, Inc. Economizers from the fan housing without removing the fan from the stack system. The stack connections are flanged and fit most commercial pre-fabricated chimney systems. The stack economizer is an integrated part of the fan housing placed on the inlet side. The economizer is thermal counterflow design to assure...
PGB048D1L   United Refrigeration, Inc. Air Conditioners in economizer installation. Warranty. Standard 1 year limited warranty on parts. 5 year limited warranty on the compressor. 10 year limited warranty on the gas fired heat exchanger. Optional Field Installed Accessories. Roof curb. Outdoor air dampers. Low fire kits. Low ambient kit. Coil guard. LP Kits...
RAS072L0AB0AAA   United Refrigeration, Inc. Air Conditioners . 0AB units supplied with economizer; barametric relief with outdoor air sensor...
VT7600 Series Controllers   Viconics Technologies Inc. Temperature Controllers enclosure. Offering exceptional control of staged heating and cooling equipment such as packaged roof-top units and heat pumps for commercial buildings. Advanced models are available with built-in economizer or humidity strategies. Open protocol design provides network compatibility to BACnet ®...
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  • Case Study: Valve Maker Finds Rapid Manufacturing Trims Waste, Design Time
    Wair Products (Bloomington, MN) had a hot product in development, but supplier lead times were slowing the testing process. The company manufactures a liquid oxygen economizer valve, a valve that regulates oxygen flow from portable oxygen tanks to humans. It designed a test fixture that clamps
  • White Paper: Seven Best Practices for Increasing Efficiency, Availability and Capacity: The Enterprise Data Center Design Guide
    designs that reduce energy consumption ............................................. 9. Sidebar: Determining Economizer Benefits Based on Geography ................................. 11. 4. Select a power system to optimize your availability and efficiency needs ..................... 12. Sidebar
  • Do Averaging Sensors Average? (.pdf)
    An averaging temperature sensor (ATS) is generally used to maintain the design mixed air temperature of an airside economizer system. These devices can have sensing elements from 5 to 50 feet long and generally provide acceptable performance if they are installed properly so they not only sense
  • RedEye Customer Realizes There Is More To Services Than Just Prototypes
    Wair Products manufactures custom valves for a variety of fluids from its Bloomington, Minn. headquarters. The company designed a test fixture that clamps to a liquid oxygen economizer valve and automatically sets the valve pressure. Once the valve pressure is set, the fixture does a complete
  • 270-Volt DC Contactor Solves Costs vs Performance Problems
    for high pressure internal gases. for optimal switching. Auxiliary contacts are not on main armature and coil economizer must be outside. voltage DC contributes to opti- the sealed enclosure. mizing the power-to-weight. Right Drawing Epoxy Seal—Large, less rugged, lower temperature rated, and cannot use
  • Air-to-Water Heat Exchanger Reduces Operating Costs by $120,000 per Year
    on the detailed site inspection report. The work included a control package upgrade and a new hot gas bypass damper. To address the energy recovery requirements at the new facility, a new economizer was installed between the oxidizer and exhaust stack to transfer heat to water. The exhaust heat
  • CO2 DCV Control, Sequence Of Operation For Buildings
    Of Operation. Economizer Control: The CO2 sensor should provide control to the air handler outside. air damper whenever the fresh air economizer cannot be used. If outside air is suitable. for free cooling, and there is a demand for cooling the economizer shall have priority. Minimum Position for CO2
  • Using CO2 To Reduce Costly Over Ventilation
    for free cooling, commonly called an. outdoor air economizer function. Outdoor air can also be a significant component of building heating and cooling costs. Ironically, outdoor. air introduction to buildings is one of the few major energy consuming features of a building that is. typically not measured
  • The Importance of Measuring Building Humidity - Health Risks & Dangers
    the refrigeration load with “free” outside air and saves energy. This. is referred to as the economizer cycle. When outdoor air is cooler than return air,. it can use 100 percent outdoor air. Conversely, when outdoor air is warmer than. return air only the designated minimum amount of outdoor air is used
  • Forced-Circulation Steam Generators for SAGD Applications
    a feedwater pump to the economizer and into the steam drum. (In the OTSG, there is no. steam drum.) What is new in this design, compared to a drum boiler or OTSG, is the recirculation pumps. These. pumps draw water from the steam drum and push it through the heat transfer circuits (furnace

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