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    Economizers are mechanical devices that are designed to reduce energy consumption, or to perform other useful, energy-related functions (such as preheating fluids). There are two types of products: bare tube and extended surface. In basic terms...
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    Autopilots - (42 companies), descent, approach, and landing phases that are governed by computer software integrated into a flight management system. These systems calculate thrust, balance fuel reservoirs, economize fuel consumption, and accommodate for gyroscopic error...
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The function of the economizer is as its name implies, to economize or save on cooling costs. Obviously, it costs money to operate the compressor. If the compressor can be shut down and the system still provide adequate cooling, energy savings can be realized. Heat internal to the building...

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...automakers emphasized plug-in electric cars, hybrids, fuel-cell concepts, and clean diesel models. But many ideas for boosting mpg seemed to target consumers trying to economize on gas rather than the green crowd. And while advanced electronics are eking more efficiency out of fuel-injection systems...

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