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  • Drive Helps Gear Dyno Keep its Cool
    , load torque. Such unwanted load-torque variations hurt test accuracy. Complex oil-to-water heat exchangers and cooling towers help but don't eliminate the heating problem. Also considered was an eddy-current drive and load absorber. But this arrangement also needs a cooling tower to dissipate heat
  • Impact of Biodiesel Emission Products from a Multi-Cylinder Direct Injection Diesel Engine on Particulate Filter Performance (.pdf)
    to a 112kW General Electric. performance of diesel particulate filters. eddy current dynamometer used to load and motor the. engine for steady state testing. Continuous. Studies published by Williams and coworkers [10] report. measurement of emission products including NO, NOx,. a lower balance point
  • The Case for Electric Motors in Unmanned Vehicle (.pdf)
    of conventional. For four-wheel drive UGV’s, the ring motor delivers. brushless motors. While the only remaining parasitic. enough peak and high torque at low speed to. losses are the eddy current losses (AC losses) that. eliminate gearboxes and drive trains. The ring. exist in the ring motor’s coil