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  • AC Synchronous Reluctance Machine for Traction Application
    , due to the desire to reuse an already existing induction machine. Hence, only the rotor configuration and its associated geometrical parameters were considered free design parameters. The main objective during design iteration was to achieve a reasonable flux and current density distribution
  • Learning to Decrease Machine Design and Build Costs
    and inspection of precision components. Typical measuring technologies employed here include eddy current, mechanical gauging, ultrasonic and laser vision inspection systems, along with other devices. Very near to the startup of his own company, Warga found a supplier that intrigued him, as a result
  • Shaft Displacement Measurement Using A PROTOR System
    Shaft displacement is an important vibration measurement for rotating machines. Shaft displacement is usually monitored by non-contact shaft displacement probes such as eddy-current probes. These probes produce a voltage proportional to the distance of the shaft surface relative to the tip
  • Understanding the Importance of Transducer Orientation
    When monitoring vibration on large gas or steam turbines and generators with fluid-film bearings, the relative movement of the shaft within the bearing is typically measured by a pair of shaft proximity (eddy current) transducers. Data from these transducers is used to produce a variety of plots
  • Low Frequency Machinery Monitoring: Measurement Considerations
    required for low frequency integration,. and filter options. PVTs are usually filtered at 1.5 Hz (90 cpm); below the. filter corner frequency, the output is attenuated and. Proximity (eddy current) probes produce strong low. sensitivity lowered. frequency displacement outputs down to DC (0 Hz
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    developed several sensors that can be integrated into the MicroGlider simply by changing the measuring heads. Sensors suited for the measurement of eddy current signals, hardness on the micrometric or nanometric scale, and white-light interferometry are available. More sensors are under development
  • Direct Drive (DDR) Rotary Table Construction
    can be built as thin rings. They have smooth velocity modulation with low ripple. Eddy-current losses in torque motors constrains the maximum practical number of pole pairs and speed. As a result, torque motors are primarily designed for low/mid-speed range applications, generally below 1,000 rpm
  • Single-Coil Dual-Frequency Induction Hardening of Gears (.pdf)
    of the steel. In recent years, gear manufacturers have gained. Eddy c. current. additional knowledge about how technology can be. used to produce higher quality induction hardened. gears and gear-like components with less distortion. The application of this knowledge has resulted in gears. Professor

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