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Parts by Number for Edge Enhancement Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
EFR-DI-IMG-ENHANCE-SITE Digi-Key Xilinx Inc Programmers, Development Systems IMAGE EDGE ENHANCEMENT IP CORE
EF-DI-IMG-ENHANCE-SITE Digi-Key Xilinx Inc Programmers, Development Systems SITE LIC IMAGE EDGE ENHANCEMENT

Conduct Research Top

  • 8K and 16K Microwire EEPROM Enhancements
    Technology Inc. DS00903A-page 1. AN903. WRITE CYCLE INITIATION. Write cycle initialization has not changed on the new. 8K and 16K devices. All devices initialize the write. cycle on the rising edge of clock after the last data bit. Some of the lower density devices require a CS toggle. in order to initiate
  • MICRO:Product Technology News (Oct '99)
    , it permits users to completely control image contrast, brightness, color, edge enhancement, and parallel-port digital-image computer transfer. An optional 6.4-in. LCD color display, which is offered for the convenient viewing of the subject, is mounted on the camera's remote head for simple
  • Video Trackers and Target Detection (.pdf)
    the window during. Autotrack mode and this is often advisable as the target range. changes. Correlation tracking can also use the other tracking algorithms. (Centroid, MTT and Edge) in Target Acquisition mode. In this case. the track window is initialized to a specific point (Target centre. or target
  • Medical Device Link .
    of the pipeline by direct memory access. This results in a memory bandwidth of about 1 1.3 GByte/sec for any particular pipeline stage. Processing load is about 64 operations per pixel for the entire pipeline, with the exception of the edge-enhancement stage. The edge-enhancement module of the pipeline
  • Going By the Flow Using Acoustics To Track Stream Sediment
    Listening to a flowing creek may be just the thing for relaxing on a peaceful afternoon. But hydraulic engineer Roger Kuhnle listens for a different reason. He's seeking clues about the overall state of the watershed that feeds the creek. Kuhnle and colleagues use cutting-edge acoustic technology
  • Medical Device Link .
    services include electrochemical edge enhancement and deburring, stamping, machining, heat-treating, grinding, EDM, photoetching, forming and deburring, cleaning and passivation, and laser cutting, welding and marking. Coatings, such as parylene, ceramic, Teflon, and Krytox, can be added to the finished
  • Supercapacitors Using n and p-Type Conductive Polymers Exhibiting Metallic Conductivity
    such as hybrid electric vehicles and alternative energy sources such as wind and solar. Crosslink's technology and expertise with inherently conductive polymers (ICPs) and electrochemical systems provides the company with a competitive edge in developing safer, lightweight, lower cost supercapacitors
  • Medical Device Link . Treatment Enhances Cutting Blades
    , rubber can dramatically wear down an edge's sharpness. As a manufacturer of rubber strips for ECG electrodes, ConMed Corp. (Utica, NY) understands the problems that cutting blades can encounter with rubber. ConMed's small, one-time-use rubber strips are manufactured to hold the lead wires in place

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