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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
460-8250-01-03-00 Newark / element14 WEARNES CAMBION Not Provided WEARNES CAMBION - 460-8250-01-03-00 - EDGE MOUNT TERMINAL; PIN
460-8250-01-04-00 Newark / element14 WEARNES CAMBION Not Provided WEARNES CAMBION - 460-8250-01-04-00 - EDGE MOUNT TERMINAL; PIN
PB-24 Allied Electronics, Inc. CRYDOM INC Not Provided Mounting Board, For Standard I/O Modules, 24 Channels, 50 Pin Card Edge
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  • Measurement Techniques for the Inspection of Coiled Spring Pins
    inspection. Once the mount has been polished, the pins are tested in the middle of the. center coil using the Vickers microhardness test method. Refer to the ‘X’ on the. middle coil below. Proper test location on a coiled spring pin. The Vickers diamond must be placed at least 1 diamond width from
  • SMT Card-Edge Solutions: Part 2: Specifications & Design Considerations
    and Joint Formation. As shown in Figure 2, each card-edge interconnect is designed with integrated recessed channels on. the pin-in-paste through-hole interface, which seamlessly improve the solder distribution during reflow. and assure high mechanical strength at the point of connection. Figure 2
  • Assured Automations Announces New Resilient Seated ST Butterfly Valve Series - Wafer and Lug Style Butterfly Valves Feature Direct Mount Actuators
    Iron discs are also available. The self-centering disc and stem provide greater reliability by eliminating taper pins or disc screws which can fail from abrasion, corrosion, and fatigue. The spherically-machined and hand polished disc edge provides a bubble-tight shut-off at minimum torque
  • Medical Device Link . Advanced Electronic Packaging Techniques Enhance Function, Performance, and Portability
    today, with over 80% of SMT components employing this format. The QFP is assembled with a lead frame and encapsulated with molding plastic. It has gull-wing leads around its peripheral edges. Pin count can go as low as 8 pins for a dual in-line package to as high as 304 pins for the QFP. Size
  • Medical Device Link .
    A review of cutting-edge technologies and medical innovations Vibration Method Strengthens Injection-Molded Plastics The increasingly competitive nature of manufacturing is driving the search for technologies that offer OEMs advanced capabilities. The goal is to find ways to create products
  • Making Your Oscillator Work
    be replaced with a 23 pf capacitor (or its closest. IDD by minimizing port pin currents. standard value, 22 pf in this case). While developing a new design, it is often easiest to. The oscillator input signal is adjusted to match the. mount the controller and oscillator circuit as the only. crystal
  • A Typical Injection Mold Design Guide
    design. 3,   Determine the gate location and size. 4,  Determine the location where ejector pin marks are prohibited. Part 2 – Mold base layout: Place cavities close to the center of the mold to minimize base size and runner length. Ensure that the molded part remains on the movable half (ejector half
  • How Rings Work
    . Axial Slip - 16-35% with non STD wave profile. Principles of operation in a bearing mounts & simple fixing: Applies to mounting tubes, solid shafts or pins especially where low assembly force is desired or if parts need to be disassembled in the field. It is not recommended that the ring be reused
  • Medical Device Link .
    density. The MCD 0.5-HT has 2.5-mm pin spacing; the MCD 1.5-THT, 3.81 mm; and the MCDN 1.5-THT, 3.5 mm. The headers are offered in horizontal or vertical configurations with optional screw flanges or plastic locking latches. Parts can be easily integrated into surface-mount production processes
  • Quadsplitter Connectors
    assembly. The exit location(s) to twinax cable is optional and could be on any edge, on several edges or straight out the back. The external ground plane on the interface side is peripherally connected to the quadrax outer contact. On the exit end of the connector, the twinax conductors are simply