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    Content Management Software - (335 companies)
    Content management software (CM) is used to collaboratively create, edit, review, index, search, translate, publish and archive various types of digital media and electronic text. The content managed may include electronic documents and Web pages... Learn More
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    Scanning Software - (331 companies)
    Scanning Software Information. Scanning software is used with optical and document scanners or with other imaging equipment to digitize, create, edit and evaluate images. Document scanners are devices that scan two-dimensional (2D) objects... Learn More
  • Authoring and Publishing Software-Image
    Authoring and Publishing Software - (54 companies)
    Authoring and publishing software is used to author, edit and publish brochures, books, pamphlets, and other documents. Applications provide page layout tools and may include various photo editing, video editing and media management features. Basic... Learn More
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    Graphics Software - (169 companies)
    Graphics software is used to produce video graphics and to edit and convert graphic files of different formats. These types of software include raster graphics, vector graphics, raster to vector conversion (R2V), and others. Graphics software... Learn More
  • Technical Communications Services-Image
    Technical Communications Services - (256 companies)
    Technical communications services design, write, re-write, and edit product datasheets, MSDS sheets, GMP or GLP documents, service manuals, training documents, illustrations, and other technical information. Technical communications service firms... Learn More
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    File Compression Software - (2 companies)
    File compression software condenses, manages, extracts, and edits electronic files to reduce storage requirements. File compression software condenses digital files or folders so they occupy less disk space. This is accomplished by reducing... Learn More
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    Video and Audio Software - (201 companies)
    ...allows users to save multimedia data streams from the Internet or a local area network (LAN) to a personal computer (PC). Some suppliers refer to these products as streaming video recorders or stream rippers. Video editing software is used to edit... Learn More
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    Online Directories and Search Engines - (518 companies)
    Online directories list companies on web sites that focus on specific industries or segments. Search engines provide targeted web results based on keywords and other advanced criteria. Learn More
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    Project Management Software - (72 companies) "go-offline" Personal project management software is used at home, usually to manage lifestyle or home projects. Single user project management software is programmed with the assumption that only one person will ever need to edit the project plan... Learn More
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    Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Services - (1657 companies)
    ...for an industrial plant. Scanning. Scanning is a service offered by CAD service providers that uses optical and document scanners or imaging equipment to digitize, create, edit, and evaluate existing 2D hardcopy drawings. Web Site Drawings. Web site drawings... Search by Specification | Learn More

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The choice to locate this year's European Advanced Equipment Control/Advanced Process Control Conference in Dublin had a certain logic to it. After all, two global companies with a mighty presence in the area around the Irish capital --Guinness and Intel --know a thing or two about how to tightly...

To meet today.s business requirements, server prices have steadily declined over the years, while server performance and storage capacity have increased. At the same time, the cost for tape storage devices has actually increased as their capacity and performance capabilities have increased. In...

"synchronous technology, " the scheme extracts information from the kernel, the 2D and 3D solver, and design commands in the CAD program to localize the impact of an edit. Instead of ordering features in a history tree, the software just collects them. This eliminates the typical problems when editing...

The software is built on a technology called Rapid Blue. It lets users directly edit models' topology. Parametric models maintain their intelligence while surfacing components change part shapes in ways not previously possible in Solid Edge. Rapid Blue dynamically edits surfaces with shape preserving curves...

The Focal Easy Guide to Adobe Audition 2.0. Covering only the key features and essential workflow to get you up and running quickly, this concise guide pares down Adobe Audition 2.0 and shows you how to set up, edit, restore audio, loop content, work with video, master, make a CD, and much more....

...face-edits directly, similar to the way edits are made to imported surfaces. This would come in handy for, say, having a domed face be tangent or continuous in one place and sharp in another. I created the intersection curves shown in the image to illustrate my control-sketches suggestion. Users could...

...can order the company's products on-line. Information: has released version 2.0 of Wafermap, metrology software that collects, edits, analyzes, and visualizes measured physical parameters on wafers. The new version runs...

...released version 2.3 of its Wafermap software. The updated metrology package is compatible with Windows XP and can import data files from Filmetrics and QC Solutions systems. Wafermap collects, edits, analyzes, and visualizes thickness, ellipsometric, and other physical-parameter measurements from... an editor such as and transform it into a procedure that is executed from a script. When performing edits manually, you come to trust the cause-and-effect relationship of entering an editing command and seeing the immediate result. There is usually an "undo " command that allows you to reverse the effect...

09/21/2012 Control Instruments Corp. Edit Article Area Monitoring of Hazardous Gases and Vapors Using the SmartMaxII Gas Detection System (.pdf) Gas Sensing Details Cancel. 09/21/2012 Control Instruments Corp. Edit Article Cost Effective Gas & Vapor Monitoring in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing...

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