• Description: Penetrant Lubricant,Type Aerosol, Size 6.1 Oz.,Size/Net Weight 4.2 OZ,Temp Range - 65 To 450 F,Flash Point -20 F, VOC Content 97 Percent,Specific Gravity 0.674,Film Type Light dry,Dielectric Strength 477 Volts Per Mil.,C6H14 C3H8 CH3CH(CH3)2 Propellant,Contains Isohexane Propane Isobutane,

    • Type: Specialty / Other
    • Chemistry / Constituents: Fluoropolymer / PTFE (e.g., Teflon®), Synthetic / Semi-synthetic
    • Dielectric Strength: 1.88E7 V/m
    • Density / Specific Gravity (@15.6°C, 60°F): 0.6740 specific gravity

  • Description: Permatex(R) Dielectric Tune-Up Grease (3 oz. tube, carded). Provides a moisture-proof barrier that lubricates and protects electrical equipment from salt, dirt and corrosion. High dielectric strength. Good thermal, oxidation and chemical stability. Features: Lubricates electrical equipment; High

    • Type: Grease / Gel, Specialty / Other

  • Description: Penetrating Solvent, Knockers Loose(R), Size 55 Gallon, Flash Point 130 F, VOC Content 600.9, Specific Gravity 0.82, Film Type Non-Drying, Dielectric Strength 51100, None Propellant, Dissolves Rust and Corrosion, Low Viscosity, Use for Nuts/Bolts, Pins, Screws, Bushings, Clips, Hinges, Snaps, Lugs,

    • Type: Specialty / Other
    • Chemistry / Constituents: Petroleum / Mineral Oil
    • Dielectric Strength: 2.01E9 V/m
    • Density / Specific Gravity (@15.6°C, 60°F): 0.8200 specific gravity

  • Description: Penetrant, Size/Net Weight 16/11 Ounces, Rust, Spray Lubricant

    • Type: Specialty / Other
    • Applications: Electrical / Electronic
    • Features: Aerosol / Spray

  • Description: EDM-500 DIELECTRIC FLUID is made by RUSTLICK, one of America's foremost industrial cutting fluid manufacturers. GLOBAL EDM SUPPLIES, INC. is an authorized RUSTLICK stocking master dealer. EDM-500 is super premium synthetic dielectric fluid that features: Low viscosity High flash point Long life

    • Type: Specialty / Other

  • Description: Electric discharge machining is a metal removal process involving the removal of material from the workpiece by a series of controlled electric discharges or sparks. The tool and the workpiece are insulated by a special dielectric fluid. Shell Macron® Oil EDM 130 is a premium dielectric fluid

    • Type: Fluid / Oil, Specialty / Other
    • Chemistry / Constituents: Petroleum / Mineral Oil
    • Density / Specific Gravity (@15.6°C, 60°F): 0.8058 specific gravity
    • Kinematic Viscosity (@ 40°C): 3.45 cSt

  • Description: Mineral oil based, type I electrical insulating oil. Recommended for use in electrical equipment such as distribution, substation transformers, circuit breakers, oil filled capacitors, switches, tap changers, and electrical reclosures.

    • Chemistry / Constituents: Petroleum / Mineral Oil
    • Applications: Electrical / Electronic

  • Description: Syn V EMD™ is recommended for EMD / GE diesel engines with silver-coated bearings. Syn V EMD™ keeps EMD engines much cleaner than mineral EMD oils while providing superior anti-wear / anti-scuffing / anti-seizing protection. Syn V EMD™ greatly extends oil and filter change

    • Type: Fluid / Oil, Specialty / Other
    • Chemistry / Constituents: Synthetic / Semi-synthetic, Specialty / Other
    • Kinematic Viscosity (@ 40°C): 141 cSt
    • Pour Point: -35 F

  • Description: BP Dialectric Fluids are designed for use in electro-discharge machines (EDM) of most power ratings. These hydrocarbon oils, made of the highest purity, and are designed for use in electro-discharge machines (EDM) of most power ratings. BP® Dielectric fluids provide long fluid life and meet

    • Type: Specialty / Other

  • Description: . Magnalube-GX Advantages: Extended Protection Noise Reduction Will Not Migrate Perfect For Low Speeds Vibration Control High Temperature Stability Extreme Loads, Smoother Operation Mechanically/Chemically Stable Resistant to Oil Separation Exceptional Film Strength This well-constructed 55-gallon

    • Type: Fluid / Oil, Grease / Gel, Specialty / Other
    • Chemistry / Constituents: Fluoropolymer / PTFE (e.g., Teflon®), Lithium Complex, Molybdenum / Metal Sulphide, Petroleum / Mineral Oil, Synthetic / Semi-synthetic, Specialty / Other
    • Operating / Use Temperature: -80 to 500 F
    • Kinematic Viscosity (@ 40°C): 327 to 350 cSt

  • Description: No Description Provided

    • Type: Fluid / Oil, Specialty / Other
    • Dielectric Strength: 3.50E7 V/m
    • Operating / Use Temperature: 40 to 110 F
    • Density / Specific Gravity (@15.6°C, 60°F): 0.8400 specific gravity

  • Description: With the ability to withstand temperatures to 250º C, Excel 440 provides unsurpassed friction/wear reduction and is highly effective in applications such as high stress chain lubrication, break-oil for metal fasteners and mechanisms and cutting oil for drilling, tapping and lathe work

    • Type: Fluid / Oil, Specialty / Other
    • Dielectric Strength: 20000 V/m
    • Operating / Use Temperature: 480 F
    • Applications: Automotive / Transportation, Electrical / Electronic

  • Description: 3M™ Novec™ 7200 Engineered Fluid, ethoxy-nonafluorobutane (C4F9OC2H5), is a clear, colorless and low-odor fluid intended to replace ozone-depleting substances (ODSs), compounds with high global warming potential (GWP) and chlorinated materials in many applications. Its physical

    • Type: Fluid / Oil, Specialty / Other
    • Chemistry / Constituents: Synthetic / Semi-synthetic, Specialty / Other
    • Dielectric Strength: 1.57E7 V/m
    • Operating / Use Temperature: -170 to 158 F

  • Description: Silicone grease for automotive spark plug boots

    • Type: Grease / Gel
    • Function: Dielectric (Transformer / EDM), Specialty / Other
    • Chemistry / Constituents: Silicone
    • Applications: Automotive / Transportation

  • Description: COMPOUND, SILICONE, DC4, 100G

    • Type: Grease / Gel
    • Function: Dielectric (Transformer / EDM), Lubricant, Specialty / Other
    • Chemistry / Constituents: Silicone
    • Operating / Use Temperature: -58 to 392 F

  • Description: Soft Dielectric Compound Lubricant/Sealant Description Bluesil V-726 is a soft, easily spreadible, silica-thickened dimethyl silicone compound. It is designed as a lubricant for rubber and plastics, rubber coated and fiber optic cables. Bluesil V-726 is also an excellent dielectric compound.

    • Function: Dielectric (Transformer / EDM), Lubricant, Specialty / Other
    • Chemistry / Constituents: Silicone
    • Density / Specific Gravity (@15.6°C, 60°F): 1.03 specific gravity
    • Operating / Use Temperature: -50 to 400 F

  • Description: with labyrinth oil channels also provide depth filtration and high dirt-holding capacity. Applications: Diesel gas engine lubes, quench oils, EDM coolants, lube oils, and hydraulic oils.

    • Assembly / Element Type: Cartridge, Wire Mesh / Screen, Other
    • Configuration: In-line
    • Maximum Liquid Flow: 1800 GPH
    • Maximum Pressure: 100 psi

  • Supplier: AMPCO METAL

    Description: currents. Typical applications include : resistance welding electrodes EDM electrodes circuit breakers ( air and/or oil immersed ) arcing tips make-and-break contacts heavy-duty contactors relays/switches

    • Electrode Material: Silver Tungsten
    • Form / Shape: Application Specific / Custom

  • Supplier: Makino

    Description: high-accuracy EDM drilled holes using an oil-based dielectric system. The fine-hole machining configuration is a factory machine ordered option that incorporates a 1000 rpm rotating spindle, high-pressure flushing, and a programmable W-axis and guide arm assembly. The versatility of the EDAF-Series

  • Description: requirements, our technical services team may recommend butadiene rubber (BR), styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), isoprene rubber (IR), nitrile rubber (NBR), ethylene-propylene rubber (EDM/EPDM), silicone, or a fluoroelastomer such as Viton®. Molded Rubber Parts Themolded rubber parts that Elasto

    • Molding Type: Cast Urethane, Compression Molding, Dip Molding, Injection Molding, Transfer Molding
    • Materials: Butyl, EPDM, Fluoroelastomer (FKM - Viton®, Fluorel®, etc.), Fluorosilicone (FVMQ, FMQ, FPM, FSI), Natural Rubber, Neoprene, Nitrile (NBR, XNBR, HNBR), Polyurethane / Urethane, Silicone / Liquid Silicone, Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), TPE / TPR, Other
    • Services Offered: Clean Room Molding, Insert Molding, Large Part Molding, Micro Molding, Tool / Mold Making, Prototype / Market Entry Molding, Low Volume Production (Short Runs), High Volume Production (Long Runs), Assembly Services, Bonding, Design Assistance, Just-In-Time Capability, Packaging / Shipping, Other
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Southern US Only, Canada Only, East Asia / Pacific Only

  • Description: Silicone Lubricant, Type Food Grade, Size 5 Gallon, Temp Range -40 to 400 F, Flash Point 20 F, VOC Content 97%, Specific Gravity 0.669 @25 C, Film Type Non-Drying, Dielectric Strength 350 Volts/mil, Lubricates, Protects, Wide Temperature Range, Waterproofs, Use To Lubricate Food Processing And

    • Chemistry / Constituents: Silicone
    • Flash Point: 20 F
    • Applications: Food Grade / Contact (FDA H1)
    • Features: Lubricant

  • Description: 3X10 WATER OR OIL PREFILTER

    • Filtration Product: Coolants

  • Supplier: DME Company

    Description: , such as those produced by EDM. TYPE M (MEDIUM OIL FILLED): Aluminum oxide crystals in a hard vitrified bond, with a special oil fill which eliminates the soaking often recommended for abrasive stones. The oil fill provides additional lubrication to prevent loading and assure optimum stock

    • Width: 0.3750 to 0.5000 inch
    • Abrasive Grain / Stone Type: Aluminum Oxide
    • Coarseness: Fine - Stoning
    • Grit Size: 150 to 900

  • Description: a specialty working with engineering firms, (Kinetic and Process Eng.) rail transportation, alternative energy, (Green Technology) Oil &Gas, and heavy machinery requirements for various other OEMs.

    • Capabilities: Broaching, Drilling, Electrode EDM, Turning, Other
    • Number of Axes: 2-axis Machining, 3-axis Machining, 4-axis Machining, 5-axis Machining
    • Specialty Machining: Casting Machining, Extrusion Machining, Forging Machining, Other
    • Length Capacity: 3" - 6", 6" - 48", Greater than 48"

  • Description: Variety of Materials to Customer Requirements, Serving Defense, Aerospace, Oil, Power, Transportation to Special Machine Markets and More.”

    • Capabilities: Shearing, Laser Cutting, Bending / Forming, Deburring / Graining, EDM Machining, CNC Fabrication, Punching, Rolling, Stamping, Water / Abrasive Jet Cutting
    • Materials: Ferrous Metals, Nonferrous Metals, Exotic Metals and Alloys
    • Secondary Operations: Assembly, Hardware / Fasteners, Painting / Powder Coating, Plating, Welding
    • Additional Services: CAD / CAM Support, Design Assistance, Pattern Layout, Prototype, Short Run, Production

  • Description: Need some .016 inch OD .010 ID Hypotubing rotary swaged to a closed pencil point with a series of .005 inch holes EDM machined through only one wall of the tube? Need those bent three at a time and soldered into a drive tube and flow tested? Peridot can help. We have produced bent needles from

    • Bending Capabilities: CNC Bending, Coiling, Hypodermic Gage, Heat Bending, Thin Wall Bending
    • Additional Capabilities: Annealing / Heat Treating, Buffing / Polishing, Cut to Length, End Forming, End Flattening, Machining, Slotting & Notching, Piercing & Punching, Swaging, Telescopic Tube, Welding / Brazing
    • Raw Material Form: Tube, Pipe
    • Cross Section: Oval, Round, Square / Rectangular

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100509 Global Industrial Edm Zap Parts Inc Not Provided Oil Safe Stumpy Pour Spout Lid, Yellow, 100509
101005 Global Industrial Edm Zap Parts Inc Not Provided Oil Safe 5.0 Quart/Liter Drum, 101005
100407 Global Industrial Edm Zap Parts Inc Not Provided Oil Safe Mini Spout Lid, Purple, 100407

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  • Vapor Degreaser Replacement Case Study
    A major OEM and MRO provider of turbine and jet engine blades and vanes needed to replace a soon to be obsolete vapor degreaser, due to local regulations. They contacted Magnus to come up with a solution. The soils were EDM oils, machining oils and NDT dye penetrant oils. They also had
  • Medical Device Link .
    a current path is created between the electrode and the workpiece through a water or oil dielectric fluid. Unlike other machining methods, the EDM tool itself --the electrode --does not contact the piece being machined. Because a series of small, high-energy, controlled sparks are doing the actual work
  • Feature Article - Environmental Safety for Moldmakers - 03/01
    The first step that should be taken in developing a waste management program is to identify all of the waste streams from the EDM operation. Under most circumstances these would include wire, deionizing resins, oils, filters and water. Then you must determine whether or not the material is actually
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    . of the oil fi lm layer in the bearing, shaft current. discharges, causing electrical discharge machining. (EDM) pits and fusion craters in the race wall and ball. bearings. This phenomenon continues until the bearings. become so severely pitted that fl uting, excessive. noise, and failure occur
  • Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Sintered NdFeB Magnets with Improved Impact Toughness
    Sintered NdFeB-type permanent magnets are based on. Nd2Fe14B intermetallic compounds, which are intrinsically. very brittle. Generally, machining techniques are limited to. grinding, lapping, and electric discharge machining EDM. Even grinding and lapping these magnets to the required. dimension
  • Microstructure and magnetic properties of sintered NdFeB magnetswith improved impact toughness
    Sintered NdFeB-type permanent magnets are based onNd2Fe14B intermetallic compounds, which are intrinsicallyvery brittle. Generally, machining techniques are limited togrinding, lapping, and electric discharge machining?EDM?.Even grinding and lapping these magnets to the requireddimension often

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