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  • Description: integrity, our shock absorbing design uses an elasomeric impact attenuator to substantially reduce the forces imposed on the ladder structure A few good tools! Easily install the Lad-Saf® system with standard wrenches. The unique built-in tension tells you precisely when the system is at the proper

  • Description: and bottom brackets, required cable and non-metallic cable guides. Higher and special mounting units are available upon request. Standard bolt on system will attach to rungs up to 1-1/8” diameter. Harnesses, sleeves, & connectors sold separately. Standard 100 ft. Product can be customized

  • Description: Global Precision Parts Inc. supplies custom and standard machined parts to manufacturing partners throughout the world. GPP was formed in 2006 and is the host company of three manufacturing sites. These three divisions represent an important alliance that allows their customers to enjoy synergy

    • Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Composites, Copper, Hardened Metals, Nickel / Nickel Alloys, Plastics, Precious Metals, Stainless Steel, Steel / Steel Alloys, Titanium
    • Services: CAD / CAM Support, Design Assistance, Just-in-Time Delivery, Prototype Services, Low Volume Production, High Volume Production, Reverse Engineering
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Midwest US Only, East Asia / Pacific Only

  • Description: We have high volume Swiss type screw machines that can cut both custom and standard PEM style hardware. With a 5 axis horizontal machining center we are able to produce complex components and parts. Our CNC Machining Centers are most commonly used for drilling, tapping, countersinking

    • Machining Capabilities: Drilling, Milling, Turning, Screw Machining, Swiss Machining, Water / Abrasive Jet Machining, Centerless Grinding, Surface Grinding, Honing, Laser Machining, Electrode EDM, Wire EDM
    • Secondary Operations: Anodizing, Black Oxide, Electroplating, Heat Treating / Stress Relieving, Lapping / Polishing, Painting / Powder Coating, Welding
    • Specialty Machining: CNC Machining, Gear Manufacturing, Jigs and Fixtures, Thread Rolling, Tool & Die Manufacturing
    • Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Carbide, Composites, Copper, Glass, Glass Ceramics, Nickel / Nickel Alloys, Plastics, Precious Metals, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Steel / Steel Alloys, Titanium

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  • Manufacturing Process and Equipment
    ...An Integrated Study on Engineering of Replacing Gas-Discharge Source with Solid Electric Light Source Based on the Design Standard of Architectural Lighting J... ...Vibrator Used in Ultrasonic EDM System H.B. Wang... ...Research on Reconfigurable Pin Fixture Design: A Review Z...
  • Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Volume 6
    A photograph of this test fixture with a test specimen installed in place is presented in Figure... The geometry of a standard V- notched beam test specimen is illustrated in a sketch shown in Figure 4a and a wire- EDM machined V-notched beam test specimen of Baker ICM is shown in Figure 4b.
  • High Temperature Materials Laboratory, Eleventh Annual Report: October 1997 through September 1998
    3) Standard Coors ceramics samples (20 x 20 x 6 mm) were used. Two special fixture was made using the wire EDM .
  • Machinery's Handbook 29 - Quick Page Finder
    ...stroke 1395 UV axis 1395 white layer 1395 wire 1403 drilling holes 1403 EDM 1395 guide 1395... Elastic (continued) properties of material 394 region 200, 1529–1530 tightening fasteners in 1523–1528 Electric arc, cutting metals 1462–1463 fixture threads 1981 motor keys and keyseats 2477 socket and... ...various materials 1400 wear 1401 Electrodes (welding) characteristics of standard types 1452 AWS E60XX...
  • Characteristics of shaft voltage and bearing currents
    ...Vsng),rotor shaft voltage to ground (Vrg),and bearing current (Ib)for a standard machine operat- ing... The test fixture employed is displayed in Fig. 5. With sinewaveoperation no EDM currents were detected and the 30 V peak Vsng induces ap- proximately 1V...
    In our work, the substitution of an alumina-forming ferritic alloy for the standard chromia-forming interconnect... The entire diffusion couple specimen, along with fixture was cross-sectioned using Electronic Discharge Machining ( EDM ) and then polished prior to an energy dispersive X-ray analysis to produce the elemental “dot�? maps shown below in Figures 19 and 20.
  • Fabrication of Grid-Spaced Bundle for the F-5 (X317) Irradiation Experiment
    Because the parts were small and thin-walled, they were carefully fixtured with close- fitting copper chills... Grid spacers of a modified hexagonal design fabricated of solid cold-worked Type 316 stainless- steel plate by wire EDM and finished by standard EDM.
  • Staying Sharp n GibbsCAM TMS (Tombstone Management System) provides sup- port for programming multiple parts fixtured on tombstones. Setup time can also be reduced by performing a virtual setup with Machine Simula- tion’s machine model. n GibbsCAM Wire- EDM supports programming 2- through 4-axis wire EDMs... ...mod- ules, which support a range of industry standard and propriety formats, ensure...
  • Advanced Turbine Systems Program: Conceptual design and product development
    EDM -notched standards have been completed and meet all of the dimensional specifications. Fabrication of the probe scanning fixture was completed in January.
  • ZCP2005TWR0155
    Each fixture was designed to hold a 0.004" top plate and a 0.020" bottom plate... To ensure flatness and sharp edges, Kovar samples were wire EDM cut, 1"X 0.5"X 0.004"... ...plates in a dry hydrogen furnace at 950°C for 60 minutes with a standard furnace cool down.
  • Design of a versatile ESQ transport system
    The critical items, an optical bench and sliding bases are commercially available standard items. ...6, where a snail section of an optical bench is used as a quadrupoie assembly holding fixture . loss of precision during the transfer of the quadrupoie assembly from che EDM setup onto the...
  • Design of a versatile ESQ transport system
    The critical items, an optical bench and sliding bases are commercially available standard items. ...precision machining is a small section of an optical bench used as a quadrupole assembly holding fixture . loss of precision during the transfer of the quadrupole assembly from the EDM setup onto the...