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Parts by Number for Eductor Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
EVS   Verantis Air Scrubbers, Wet Scrubbers, and Gas Scrubbers Eductor venturis are different than standard venturis in that they utilize higher pressure liquid flow to create or induce the gas flow into the scrubber. They are effective for both gas absorption and removal of high loadings of large particulate. For very small volume applications ( <100 CFM...
OPF_0021309   American Water Works Association (AWWA) Trade Magazines By King, Robert James. The new eductor system has replaced shovels and conveyor belts for moving filter media. The eductor creates a vacuum and moves the media in a slurry. This new system has no moving parts. Wear will only occur in the discharge area and the suction hose and nozzle, all of which...
585000161 PLC Radwell Lear Siegler Machine Parts, Assembly for Machine EDUCTOR CPVC MINI
P-33-6086 K   Serfilco, Ltd. Industrial Mixers agitation, with eductors strategically placed along the sparger pipe. SER-DUCTOR agitation delivers 5 times the pump output at each nozzle.It effectively distributes the desired level of agitation to critical areas in your process tank. The system is driven by your choice of vertical, magnetic drive...
100871   General Pump Ejectors and Eductors General Pump, along with our parent company, Interpump Group S.r.l., has been the world leader in plunger pump development since 1982. While known as the leader in plunger pumps for the pressure cleaning industry, we have expanded to serve Vehicle Wash as well as many Industrial Applications...
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  • Liquid Jet Eductors - The Pump with No Moving Parts
    Liquid jet eductors are unconventional pumps and, therefore, are often overlooked when pumps are being evaluated for new applications.
  • Industrial Gas Cylinder Venting (.pdf)
    , Cl2, H2S, HCl, and NH3. Verantis was able to offer a customized solution consisting of an EVS series eductor venturi and packed tower scrubber mounted on a fiberglass chemical holding tank. ./df0494b0-85c0-4d09-901e-1d06c01f2360 # 100. Industrial Gas Cylinder Venting. A supplier of special
  • Optimize Your Powder Induction Process
    induction equipment accelerated the process with a system that combined a pump, eductor and rotor/stator mixer. But the system was prone to clogging, and maintenance costs were high (with three pieces of equipment and a complex system to keep running). Optimize your powder induction process. Charles
  • Case History: The Sweet Smell of Acrison
    subsidiary of Vopak, to cope with the difficulties both of the environment and of potassium permanganate (it is difficult to dissolve and can't be used in above a 5% solution). 'Using our test facility, we perfected the single tank, twin tank and eductor (or wetting cone) systems' said Acrison design
  • Pneumatic Feeders and Vacuum Feeders
    Pneumatic feeders and vacuum feeders are also known as Venturi feeders, pneumatic dischargers, fluidizers, air slides, pneumatic injectors, vacuum loaders, pressure loaders and solids-handling eductors. Pneumatic feeders use pneumatic pressure to fluidize and push bulk materials to the process unit
  • Temporary Dewatering Solutions: Construction projects require different pumps and systems for safe and timely dewatering
    ). These eductors were 65 to 80 feet deep and drilled outside the excavation area along the property line. The eductor system with two. pump stations has lowered the groundwater more than 5 feet below the deepest excavation. a PumPs & systems repriint. may 2011 1. Mining & Dewatering
  • Living the Biopharma Dream in Lincoln
    and recirculating CIP solutions. During a cleaning cycle, the CIP skid is moved into the fermentation suite and connected to a designated utility panel. For cleaning of a process system, flexible hoses will connect to the equipment 's CIP inlet and drain ports. The eductor return system draws solution back
  • CIP Systems Raise the Bar on Cleanliness
    users treat CIP systems as integral parts of the production lines. Working closely with one client, for example, the company developed a new eductor valve that can be used to draw a vacuum on CIP return lines, allowing less cleaning solution, and smaller pumps, to be used. The trend toward a higher

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