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  • TSL257 Noise Sources
    There are 3 primary components of noise in a light to voltage converter: * Thermal noise of the feedback resistor. * Shot noise of the photo current. * Circuit noise. The TSL257 uses a 50 M? resistor in a Tee feedback network with a gain of 6.4 to achieve an effective resistance of 320 M?. The 50 M
  • Amplitude And Energy Correction - A Brief Summary
    of the spectral lines. To calculate the power represented by the spectra, one must square the values of each of the RMS lines. (0.5)2 + (1)2 + (0.5)2 = 1.5 V2. But because we applied a Hanning window, the effective noise bandwidth for this spectrum is 1.5, we must divide the summation by this factor
  • Digital Current Loops and Direct PWM Control
    Until recently, digital control of a motor's current loop was not feasible - the required bandwidth of the current loop was too high for a cost-effective digital solution. However, with the advent of DSP technology, this has changed. Delta Tau has taken advantage of cutting-edge DSP technology
  • Differences Between Industrial Ethernet Fiber Optic Backbone, Ring, and Star Topologies (.pdf)
    is eliminated. In the event that great distances (over 100m) separate nodes, fiber optic backbones can realize very cost effective Ethernet systems. �� N-TRON Corp. 578 Azalea Road, Suite 105, Mobile,AL 36609. TEL: 251-666-9878; FAX: 251-666-9833. Differences Between Industrial Ethernet. Fiber
  • Medical Device Link .
    marketing of the product. Reducing time to market enables manufacturers to have their products adopted among users sooner. And, in order to minimize cycle time, system designers rely on cost-effective and clever designs. Process Technology Affects Designs Although electrical specifications are a major
  • Optical Bit Error Rate - Preface
    Preface. The key objectives in telecommunications --wired, wireless, or. optical --are safe and cost-effective transportation and prompt. delivery of the client 's undamaged data. How this is done, and. what technology is used to do it, is of less concern to the paying. customer and of more concern
  • The New Era of Automated Test
    The automated test scales have tipped and it's time for a faster, smaller, more cost-effective solution than classic rack-and-stack options. Read the whitepaper to learn how test engineers are switching to PXI-based test systems. The New Era of Automated Test - Developer Zone - National Instruments
  • Stay Connected with the Next Generation of Wireless
    and the ability to transmit more data. Frame Aggregation. Every frame transmitted by an 802.11 device has fixed overhead that limits the effective throughput. To reduce this overhead, 802.11n introduces frame aggregation, which is the process of packing multiple frames in a single transmission

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