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  • Spur versus planetary gearheads for dc servomotors
    for the job involves evaluating factors such as backlash, efficiency, torque capacity, speed, reduction ratio, and cost. Two common gearhead or reducer designs are spur and planetary. In general, spur gearheads are simpler and less expensive than planetary units and work best for low-torque applications
    a worm-gear set with helical, spur or planetary gearing to provide higher efficiencies while retaining worm gear drive advantages. Of course, accurate comparisons are dependent on the use of realistic efficiencies (for all reducers considered) and proper size selection. Using rough approximations
  • Gearing Up: The Ins-and-Outs of Gears
    Are all gears really alike? The answer is definitely no! There are four basic styles of gears. *Spur Gear: The spur gear has a helix angle of 0°. *Helical Gear: This is an angle toothed gear. The angle can vary from application to application usually between 1°-45°. *Worm Gear: Worm gears are found
  • Fundamentals of Helical Gears
    because of the elongated helical wraparound tooth base support. 2. Contact ratio is increased due to the axial tooth overlap. Helical gears thus tend to have greater load carrying capacity than spur gears of the same size. Spur gears, on the other hand, have a somewhat higher efficiency.
  • No more "girlie man " gears
    . have all spec'd plastic over metal in recent electronic-parkingbrake gears. The brakes employ 1.2-in. (30-mm) spur gears made from Fortron linear polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). A motor-drive belt powers the gear that drives a transmission for actuating the rear brakes. Designers chose Fortron PPS
  • Planetary reducers eliminate machining step to keep costs down
    with three planet gears. Such configurations tend to last longer than parallel-shaft spur geartrains and better handle larger continuous and peak torque. Tough involute gears are pressed net shape from a sinter-hardened, powder metal which eliminates secondary machining and the associated cost. Another

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