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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CONN60WAYLATCH/EJECTOR National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
AS110-1995 EJECTOR Global Industrial Kanomax Not Provided Kanomax Tracer Gas Detection Ejector
5330-64 EJECTOR HEAD ASAP Semiconductor AMTEK Not Provided Not Provided
842816103e012 PLC Radwell Amphenol Rf Not Provided LATCH/EJECTOR HEADER; CONNECTOR TYPE:WIRE-TO-BOARD
8428162030035 PLC Radwell Amphenol Spectra Strip Not Provided LATCH/EJECTOR HEADER; CONNECTOR TYPE:WIRE-TO-BOARD
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  • Steam Ejector Pumps And Ejectors & Steam Ejector Theory
    Steam ejectors are designed to convert the pressure energy of a motivating fluid to velocity energy to entrain suction fluid and then to recompress the mixed fluids by converting velocity energy back into pressure energy. This is based on the theory that a properly designed nozzle followed
  • Ejector Pumps
    Ejector pumps are sewage handling pumps that are required when wastewater cannot flow to its destination by means of gravity at a velocity of at least 2 feet per second. There are two basic types of ejector pumps. One is the vertical suspended type where the motor is mounted on the cover
  • Tool Presetter Benefits Ejector Seat Manufacturer
    An automated tool presetter from Speroni, Italy, supplied through NCMT, has reduced the variability of machining processes at the Denham factory of Martin-Baker, a manufacturer of ejector seats. According to production engineer, Andrew Jay, the greater precision with which cutters are preset
  • Recent Experience of Mechanical Vacuum Pumps Replacing Stem Ejectors in VOD and VD Processes (.pdf)
    ). LIMITATIONS OF WET VACUUM PUMPING FOR DEGASSING. Steam Ejectors. The steam jet ejector has been the mainstay for industrial vacuum pumping systems designed for operation. at pressures above 0.67mbar / 0.5torr. The low initial cost and apparent maintenance free operation of this. type of pump is well known
  • The ESDU Engineer - Issue 13
    thermodynamicist friend, who designed ejectors for flight environmental systems for Lockheed,. David has developed and manufactured an ejector for Jay’s motorcycle. When completed and tested, David intends to. compare the experimental results with the performance prediction given by the ESDU method and contact
  • TUCSON, AZ Have you ever wondered about the use of flex-tensional ejectors to deposit photoresist on a wafer, or about self-refreshing, "popping" chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) pads? What about the role of supercritical CO ) in a variety of IC processes? Or the possibility of reducing waste
  • Medical Device Link .
    that activate six double-action spreading jaws and six single-action ejector jaws. When air pressure is applied to the first piston, six parallel jaws spread the O-ring, stretching it evenly in a hexagonal shape that minimizes the deformation caused by expansion. The operator of the gripper can adjust
  • Robust Vacuum Solutions in Biomass Processing (.pdf)
    ), is the next step in the design. Wet technologies include liquid ring vacuum pumps, steam, ejectors and oil-sealed pumps. Dry technologies include claw, screw and Roots mechanisms and air ejectors. Correct system design is the concluding step in ensuring mechanical, electrical and regulations and standards

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