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  • Tool Presetter Benefits Ejector Seat Manufacturer
    An automated tool presetter from Speroni, Italy, supplied through NCMT, has reduced the variability of machining processes at the Denham factory of Martin-Baker, a manufacturer of ejector seats. According to production engineer, Andrew Jay, the greater precision with which cutters are preset
  • Steam Ejector Pumps And Ejectors & Steam Ejector Theory
    Steam ejectors are designed to convert the pressure energy of a motivating fluid to velocity energy to entrain suction fluid and then to recompress the mixed fluids by converting velocity energy back into pressure energy. This is based on the theory that a properly designed nozzle followed
  • Q&A: How Can I Improve My Pull-Down Time?
    An ejector is a 'mass-moving' device that is designed for one narrow operating range, and it. decreases in performance on either side of its design point. That's why an additional, larger. hogging ejector is generally designed to have peak performance at 1O"HgA, whereas the. holding ejector ¡s
  • Medical Device Link .
    that activate six double-action spreading jaws and six single-action ejector jaws. When air pressure is applied to the first piston, six parallel jaws spread the O-ring, stretching it evenly in a hexagonal shape that minimizes the deformation caused by expansion. The operator of the gripper can adjust
  • Oil Monitoring in Trans-Border River Uh Between Ukraine and Slovakia
    , flowing into Black Sea. The Solution: Sample water is taken from river surface by float sampler and transported b y ejector pump with closed circulation of two pumps M1, M2. Sample is further transported to the tank. Primay filling of the tank is provided by submersible pump M3. From the tank, sample
  • Medical Device Link .
    of ejector plate assemblies inside the mold box. Both the first- and second-stage strokes can be set independently. An outsource developer and manufacturer of finished, disposable medical devices has injection molding capabilities for precision components. Thirteen facilities
  • Injection Molding Machine Builders
    Our sensing technology is routinely used on 4 axes of plastic injection molding machines: injector screw positioning, carriage positioning, ejector positioning, and mold closure. Superior ruggedness, reliability and performance means Temposonics sensors provide the best value for this application
  • TUCSON, AZ Have you ever wondered about the use of flex-tensional ejectors to deposit photoresist on a wafer, or about self-refreshing, "popping" chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) pads? What about the role of supercritical CO ) in a variety of IC processes? Or the possibility of reducing waste

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