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Parts by Number for Elastomer Sheet Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
8860-0032-150-95 Digi-Key Laird Technologies EMI RF/IF and RFID SHEET ELASTOMER 254X381MM RECT
8860-0032-100-93 Digi-Key Laird Technologies EMI RF/IF and RFID CONDUCT ELASTOMER 10X10" SHEET
8860-0045-324-89 Digi-Key Laird Technologies EMI RF/IF and RFID SHEET ELASTOMER 457.2X457.2MM

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  • Application Work Sheet
    temperature range. conventional. PC pumps: Unique stator design. seepex puts an end to stator-bond failure by molding – not cutting – each stator. to size. The stator elastomer extends beyond the ends of the steel cylinder and is. vulcanized directly to the cylinder end faces to form, integral gaskets. So
  • Medical Device Link . Comparing Liquid and High Consistency Silicone Rubber Elastomers: Which Is Right for You?
    of a two-roll mill, which costs approximately $60,000 to purchase and install. The elastomer is passed through the mill numerous times until the compounded material is homogeneous, then removed in sheet form for further processing. Preparation of a Preform. Once a high consistency elastomer is fully
  • Theory and Application of RF/Microwave Absorbers
    This white paper explores the theory and application of microwave absorbers. It includes relevant equations for absorber operation and descriptions of several applications. It also includes a survey of the different types of absorbers (magnetic, dielectric, foam, elastomer, etc.) as well
  • Medical Device Link . Identifying and Preventing Contamination from Pharmaceutical Packaging
    of the contamination. The manufacturer had used talc as a separating agent to prevent cohesion of large quantities of the septa following the punching operation in which they were formed from a sheet of cross-linked Buna-n rubber. CASE STUDY #2: ELASTOMER FORMULATION During usage of a certain
  • Evaluation of 3M TM Performance Additives iM30K as a Filler for FKM (.pdf)
    The objective of this study was to determine the basic utility of 3M Performance Additives supplied iM30K as filler in Dyneon TM Fluoroelastomer (FKM). A determination of both positive and negative attributes will be examined. Because Dyneon only produces fluoropolymers, no other elastomer types
    of. having drainage grooves in the plates, the plates are fitted with an elastomer sheet. (which has the drainage grooves) and which sheet can be inflated. By inflating the. sheet at the end of the filter cycle any residual moisture will be expelled and the cake. itself will be squeezed, usually
  • Medical Device Link .
    testing. The Model 921A testing device tests all sorts of membrane switches, including polydomes, metal domes, and elastomer and conventional keypads, as well as conventional electromechanical switches and virtually any component requiring accurate measurement of displacement force. Governed
  • ASA
    or by a graft process. In the reaction method, ASA is made by introducing a grafted acrylic ester elastomer during a copolymerization of styrene and acrylonitrile (SAN). The finely divided powder is uniformly distributed in and grafted to the SAN molecular chains. The outstanding weatherability
  • Medical Device Link .
    this, an elastomer form-in-place gasket (FIPG) can be used if the part needs to be easily re-enterable. This kind of gasket provides a watertight seal and is created by dispensing a liquid FIPG adhesive onto one side of the casing; when it cures, it bonds to the plastic and is flexible yet solid. Thus, when the two
  • GHz BGA Socket User Manual
    , is a low resistance ( <0.01) connector. Figure 2 shows an SEM picture of the elastomer. The. elastomer consists of a fine pitch matrix (0.1mm x 0.1mm) of gold plated wires (40 micron diameter), which are. embedded at a 63-degree angle in a soft insulating sheet of silicone rubber. Another elastomer

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