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    Air conditioners and building air conditioners are used in industrial, process computing, networking, and other spaces where thermal management is important. Space and spot cooling equipment are used wherever total heat must be controlled or where... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    ...eliminating the need for draining. Others include an air flow sensor that monitors the temperature of the condenser and ensures that blockage or contamination does not compromise cooling efficiency. Enclosure Air Conditioner Specifications. Enclosure... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    DP), positive displacement (PD), velocity, and true mass. Differential pressure flow meters obtain the flow rate by measuring the pressure differential and extracting the square root. Choices for DP meters include cone-type devices, elbow tap... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Temperature signal conditioners accept outputs from temperature measurement devices such as resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermocouples, and thermistors. They then filter, amplify, and/or convert these outputs to digital signals... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Signal Conditioner Functions. Signal conditioners provide filtering, amplification, converting, and / or other processes required to make sensor outputs suitable for reading by computer boards. They are used primarily for data acquisition, in which... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Flow switches are devices that monitor flow and send a trip signal to other devices, like a pump, for protection. These switches can be used for the measurement of gases, liquids, and steam. How to Select Flow Switches. Flow switch. Image Credit... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Gas flow meters are used for measuring the flow or quantity of a moving gas in an enclosed pipe or passage. How to Select Gas Flow Meters. Image Credit: OMEGA Engineering Inc., Aalborg Instruments, Clark Solutions. Gas flow meters are used... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Power or Line Conditioners Information. Power or line conditioners regulate, filter, and suppress noise in AC power for sensitive computer and other solid state equipment. Power conditioners typically consist of voltage regulators in combination... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    The secondary element measures the differential pressure and provides the signal or read-out that is converted to the actual flow value. DP meters include: orifice plates, venturi tubes, flow nozzles, cone types, pitot tubes, target meters, elbow tap meters... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    ...of-flight meters. Electromagnetic devices use the liquid as the conductor and a magnetic field is created by energized coils outside a flow tube. Elbow meters operate on the principle that when liquid travels in a circular path, centrifugal force... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...into. elbows, but the tab design makes them. unsuitable for most sanitary applications. • Tube Bundles and Vanes have been. Fig. 2. Tube and Elbow Tab-Type Conditioner Cut-. used for decades. Tube Bundles. Away View. reduce swirl in clean gases and liquids,. but are not effective at correcting. Tab type flow...

Flow Conditioners are widely recognized and applied in order to correct flow profile distortions caused by upstream flow disturbances. These unpredictable flow profile variations are neutralized by a well-designed flow conditioner to present a consistent and predictable outlet flow profile...

...with FCI’s technical support team, FCI recommended an. membrane moves freely as it stores or releases gas generated. FCI Model GF90 Series thermal mass flow meter and a Vortab®. from an anaerobic digestion process. meter run (VMR) flow conditioner (Figure 2). Thermal mass flow. The utility measures the gas...

...require. a straight pipe run of 0-10 diameters upstream and 0-5 diameters. downstream, or more. In this case, there were problematic. elbows too close to the meter. The team saved re-piping costs. by installing a tab-type Vortab® meter run flow conditioner. The. conditioner eliminated any undesirable line...

...and the other is located in the. conditioner and flow meter can be calibrated. downstream face of the cone itself. The. to work together. One drawback to add-on. pressure difference can then be. flow conditioners and straighteners is that. incorporated into a derivation of the. they increase head...

...vortices that eliminate swirl and other. process distortions that are often caused by inadequate straight. Figure 2. Vortab Meter Run Flow Conditioner Configuration. pipe runs and due other flow disturbances such as elbows, “T”s,. valves, etc. Thermal mass air/gas flow meters, such as the GF90...

FlexSwitch® FLT. operation. The standard configuration. Series, which offers dual alarm capability. withstands operating temperatures up to. (Fig 2). 350°F (177°C), and optional versions are. available up to 850°F (454°C). Flow Disturbances. Installing an elbow flow conditioner. upstream from your...

...and repeatable flow profile. In many. of commercial y available flow conditioners, the pressure loss. heat treating applications, either space limitations or other. associated with this unique technology is significantly decreased,. devices, such as valves or elbows, make it near impossible. reducing...

Components International. The inline or elbow flow conditioner’s profile conditioning. tabs produce rapid cross-stream mixing, forcing higher velocity. regions to mix with lower velocity regions. The shape of the. resultant velocity profile is “flat” and repeatable regardless of the. close-coupled...

...this type of scenario. conditions: (1) flow turbulence, (2) low flows,. or (3) dry running conditions. 2. Analyze The Flow. An Inline or elbow flow conditioner can be. installed upstream from your pump to. Protecting your process and pump starts. ensure an optimal flow profile for efficient...

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