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Parts by Number for Electret Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ELECTRET MICROPHONE 6MM+WIRE National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
MC005-MK_ELECTRET_C6 ASAP Semiconductor DB Not Provided Not Provided
EK-23024-P07 National Microchip Knowles Acoustics Not Provided MIC ELECTRET OMNI END PORT WIRE
NR-23158-000 National Microchip Knowles Acoustics Not Provided MIC ELECTRET NOISE CANCELLING
EK-23027-C36 National Microchip Knowles Acoustics Not Provided MIC ELECTRET OMNI CENTER PORT
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  • The Advantages of the Electret Condenser Microphone
    Transform sound into electric signal- The best design in theory: The design of electret condenser microphones is based on the theorem that we use charging and discharging motion. The Advantages of Electret Condenser Microphone�q�e���gJ�����u�I. Specialist in Acoustic Components. Advanced Acoustic
  • Environmental Noise Control Trends in Instrumentation
    not include the preamplifier, which itself can be several hundreds of dollars. o They consume a relatively large power, which is not conducive to the long battery autonomy required for environmental studies. * Electret Microphones: These microphones are intended for the consumer-electronics market
  • Medical Device Link .
    outside the body trigger the device. "The idea is to use electrets, " says Ziaie, speaking of electrical magnets. "Our device is a miniature ionization chamber where the charge on the electret pulls down a membrane. That 's the capacitance, which is connected to an inductor. ". The radiation creates
  • What Should I Do To the Noise?
    ? �������?. Advanced Acoustic Technology Corp. Specialist in Acoustic Components. HOME Back. What should I do to the noise? �������?. The noise of an electret condenser microphone mostly comes from:�q�e���gJ����j�����]�Ӧ۩�: 1. Impure current source. If the direct current mix with the alternating current signal, we
  • Measurement Microphone Handbook
    , Prepolarized Electret Condenser Microphones,. Magnetic Microphones, and Piezoelectric Microphones. The carbon microphone design is a value-oriented design. This design is a very low quality. acoustic transducer type. An enclosure is built. This enclosure houses lightly packed carbon. granules
  • Medical Device Link .
    at high-energy radiation levels. Consequently, the plastic surface undergoes either electret formation or chemical structural changes.12 15 Either result will improve the wettability of plastics. Another commonly used method is wet chemical treatment. This treatment involves oxidizing the plastic surface

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