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  • Silicone Source-Certain HEXSEAL (R) Switch & Circuit Breaker Seals
    and GE developed a method for producing silicone elastomers for better. high temperature insulating materials in electric motors and generators. Fortunately, there were many more. applications for engineered silicone rubber, and Corning Glass and Dow Chemical started to produce new silicone
  • - Circuits
    Optron OPI3020, OPI3021, OPI3022 and OPI3023 General Instrument MCP3020, MCP3021 and MCP3022 General Electric GE3020, GE3021, GE3022 and GE3023 Absolute maximum ratings Input output peak voltage: 7.5 kV Input diode reverse voltage: 3 V Input diode forward current (continuous): 50 mA Output repetitive
  • UL 508 A Short Circuit Current Ratings (.pdf)
    . definitions are provided from the National Electrical Code: Control circuit - The circuit of a control apparatus or system that carries the electric signals directing the. performance of the controller but does not carry the main power current. (A control circuit is, in most cases, limited to 15 amps). Power
  • Moisture Measurement in SF6 - A Permanent, Environmentally Safe Solution (.pdf)
    Most electric utilities and independent power producers use Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) as an arc quenching and insulating gas in high voltage circuit breakers and switchgear installed in their electrical transmission and distribution systems. These circuit breakers require periodic maintenance
  • Medical Device Link .
    and the neutral side to compensate for the possibility of incorrect wiring or crossed wire colors somewhere in the building. If the equipment is wired incorrectly, operators using a device with a single-pole circuit breaker are at risk of electric shock when it trips. Two-pole circuit breakers provide
  • Tackling the Dirty Dozen
    overcurrents. Main applications include machinery or vehicles with high-current in-rushes that accompany starting of electric motors, transformers, and solenoids. Thermal-magnetic circuit breakers combine the benefits of thermal and magnetic types. High overcurrents make the solenoid trigger the release
  • Secure Power with Next Generation SPDUs (.pdf)
    smaller-gauge electrical cables. per week in the United States on commercial aircraft. Integrating Electrical Management. In his report about development of new circuit protection technol-. ogy by Boeing Phantom Works, David Evans makes the point that. SSPCs in electric architecture have
  • Ground-fault interrupters
    fibrillation, the most common cause of death through electric shock. A point to note about GFCIs is that they can't protect against faults which do not involve an external leakage current, as when current passes directly from one side of the circuit through the victim to the other. Thus they don't

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