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  • WD Bearings Application: Electric Motors
    used in large machineries, fans, pumps, compressors, rolling mill and some miniature equipments. Therefore, WD energy bearings, with high speed, low noise and long life, are available in synchronous electric motors. Asynchronous Electric Motor. Asynchronous electric motors, with compact design, low
  • Electronically-Controlled Hydrostatic Fan Drive Systems (.pdf)
    . Electric fan motors may be practical for low-power applica-. and the rest must be extracted from the engine block by the. tions, but typically they are not a practical solution for larger. cooling system. vehicles with higher fan power requirements. In these larger. For heavy-duty vehicles and equipment
  • Electric Motor Testing-The New Kid on the PdM Block
    While vibration analysis and infrared thermography. have been widely used for years as part of predictive. maintenance programs, Electric Motor Testing (EMT) is. a relative newcomer to condition monitoring. In reality. though, the tests utilized by modern EMT systems have. been around for years
  • Integral Motors for Centrifugal Fans
    The most common power source for fans is the electric motor. A motor's service life is largely dependent upon proper selection and installation. Since the motor and its control circuitry represent a substantial portion of the cost of many fan systems, they deserve careful consideration. This Letter
  • Adhesives hold electric motors together
    Edited by Lawrence Kren & Victoria Reitz Electric motors are smaller, faster, more powerful, and more prevalent on automobiles than ever before. This is forcing motor designers to find new ways to shave cost in production and assembly. One area getting more attention these days is fasteners. Choose
  • The Case for Electric Motors in Unmanned Vehicle (.pdf)
    , the ring motor can eliminate transmissions, allowing larger payloads, and the ability to move faster, farther or longer between battery charges. TG DC Motors UV 03 23 07 R1.indd 2064 Eastman Avenue #107 ● Ventura, CA 93003. 805.477.9741 ● fax 805.477.7535. THE CASE FOR ELECTRIC MOTORS
  • Spring Return Electric Actuators Meet Fire Standards for Tunnels
    such a fire inside the structure, electric motor operated dampers in the ventilation system can act to suppress spreading of the fire as well as to clear smoke from the structure. Most motorized actuators that operate these dampers are required to be "failsafe", where they are equipped
  • Cowern Papers: Motor Basics
    . Efficiency is the percentage of the input power that is actually converted to work. output from the motor shaft. Efficiency is stamped on the nameplate of most. domestically-produced electric motors. FRAME SIZE. Motors, like suits of clothes, shoes and hats, come in various sizes to match the. requirements
  • White Paper: Reliability of Air Moving Fans, and Their Impact on System Reliability
    oxygen, moisture. temperature also impact the reliability of. and ionic contaminates from materials using. large electrical assemblies. Electric fields. reasonable industrial processing. Even in a. across insulation material, vibration (due to. laboratory environment, producing pure. the fan
  • DC Motor Trouble-Shooting Chart
    - ELECTRIC MOTORS, GEARMOTORS AND DRIVES. Site Search. Troubleshooting DC Motors. Caution: 1. Disconnect power to the motor before performing service or maintenance. 2. Discharge all capacitors before servicing motor. 3. Always keep hands and clothing away from moving parts. 4. Be sure

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