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  • How Does a Generator Create Electricity? How Generators Work

    . In the following sections, we will look at how a generator functions, the main components of a generator, and how a generator operates as a secondary source of electrical power in residential and industrial applications. How does a generator work?An electric generator is a device that converts

  • Sensorless Switched-Reluctance Generators: a Technology Read for Aerospace Applications

    and hydraulic loads used for the past decades cannot efficiently meet these growing demands. The engineering challenges include developing a powerful electric generator that is not bulky and cumbersome. Compactness and low weight is of paramount importance in the aerospace industry. This requirement of high

  • Challenges in Electric Power Measurement

    ohmmeter / microohmmeter / micro-ohmmeter. Arbitrary Waveform Generator. Calibration Service. Radiation Detector. Variable Transformer. Tachometer. Electric Power Measurement. The days of unlimited energy use belong to the past. Manufacturers of electric apparatus and machines are forced to optimize

  • High-Efficiency Operation of an Hybrid Electric Vehicle Starter/Generator Over Road Profiles

    complexities, and vehicular performance requirements make it difficult to determine and sustain the most efficient operating points. This article characterizes the performance of a fuzzy-logic controller for a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) starter/generator (S/G) that is used to maintain optimum

  • Generator Fuel Tanks

    eNews Sign-up to get our monthly email with deals and industry info. View archive... Tools & Info. Power Calculators. Electrical Formulas. Fuel Consumption. Amperage Chart. Generator Fuel Tanks Generators supply auxiliary electric power during outages of power supply from the local electricity

  • Surge Arrester: Minimizing Electric Field Stress in Resistors

    . MagNet. ElecNet. MotorSolve. Webinars Archive. Applications. Actuators. Electric. Induction Heating. Loudspeakers. Motors & Generators. Brushless DC (BLDC). Induction Machine (IM). Switched Reluctance Machine (SRM). Clawpole. All Other Types. Sensors & NDT. Surge arresters. Transformers

Discussions about Electric Generator Schematic
  • Re: Generator Size to Charge an Electric Car

    You don't have a clue about basic electrical and mechanical power or working principals do you? First off you cant just wire two 110 AC generators in series and get double the voltage unless you have a way of perfectly synchronizing the shafts together otherwise you will get a useless stumbling wav...

  • Re: Applying power to generator leads make a motor?

    If its a common single phase generator no and simply put its because it has no start winding to tell it which way to go. However if you are interested in getting higher HP 3 phase electric motors which can be found cheap to run on single phase power this is worth reading, http://www.electro-tech-on...

  • Re: Help a Newbie with Schematic Symbols ^_^"

    Item #3 is a circuit breaker motor operated, necessited quantity = 1 of rating 2000 Amps (2 kA), closing and/or opening seems to be from an electrical spring motor (your pictures are almost unreadable)_It seems a main breaker of a general low voltage panel_ Item #5 is a circuit breaker manually ope...

  • Re: How to Build an AVR for a Three Phase Generator?

    Thank you all for the inputs, today I've done some measurements of the generator. The main windings seems to be ok, there are symmetrical resistances on all three phases, 3.8 Ohms each. When engine is on I can measure only 2vAC on each to the zero (4v between R-S-T), no avr or any excitement connec...

  • Specifications of an ideal computer for engineers and industrial designers

    A computer to run CAE/CAD software can be already built with existing technologies, and should have some or all of the following characteristics: = Solid State Drive = No hard drive, just a solid card populated with an array of fast memory chips. The card should be divided in three se...

  • Re: Mechanical Analogies of Series and Parallel Electrical Circuit

    In 1932 Cockcroft and Walton did not have semiconductor diodes, but vacuum-tube diodes and triodes were common. As C & W's accelerator demanded a steady potential, their power-supply design would not have used spark gaps as switches. Possibly you are thinking here of a Marx generator; a high-ene...

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  • Generator Safety

    Hello everyone, In parallel connected generators,individual generator is protected from over current, reversepower,wndg temperature and so on by isolating the same generator by its directly connected circuit breaker. If by any means generator wndg is shorted or earthed inside the generator or befor

  • Electricity From Heat Could Power Electronics

    U.S. military-funded project develops thermoelectric generator

  • Matlab-Simulink

    Is it possible to update the parameter of synchronous generator block in simulink through a matlab programme.

  • Pumping efficiency into electrical motors

    Researchers are using new magnetic materials to develop revolutionary electrical motors and generators which promise significant energy savings.

  • Software Divines the Risk of Road Accidents

    Risk map generator reveals the potential for road accidents in Bogot? and other Colombian cities

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