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Parts by Number for Electric Infrared Heater Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
OCH-46-240V-SSE Global Industrial Tpi Industrial Not Provided Tpi Indoor/Outdoor Quartz Electric Infrared Heater Och-46-240v-Sse 240v 2000w - Stainless Steel
OCH-46-120V-SSE Global Industrial Tpi Industrial Not Provided Tpi Indoor/Outdoor Quartz Electric Infrared Heater Och-46-120v-Sse 120v 1500w - Stainless Steel
OCH-46-208V-SSE Global Industrial Tpi Industrial Not Provided Tpi Indoor/Outdoor Quartz Electric Infrared Heater Och-46-208v-Sse 208v 2000w - Stainless Steel

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  • Case Study - Infrared Curing of Metals
    curing method. The choice was medium and short wave electric infrared heating. New Finishing Line: Fast, Efficient and Automated. The company's light standards actually consist of two parts - the pole itself, made of 7- to 11-gauge steel, and the heavier base plate, usually of 3/4- to 2-inch steel
  • Case Study: Processing of Metal Coatings Using Infrared Heating
    coatings, and at different technologies to process them. Among the technologies well suited to both drying and curing the newer finishes is electric infrared (IR) process heating. Case Study: Infrared (IR) Processing for Metals - Heraeus Noblelight. Case Study: Processing of Metal Coatings. IR Brings New
  • Heater Selection Guide
    energy is contained in the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Radiant heating is most often used for heating solids and liquids. Gases are generally unaffected due to their transparent nature. The major factors in radiant heating are the distance between object and heat source, and how
  • Infra-Red Heat is Providing Spectator Comfort While Reducing Energy Costs at This New 4-Rink Recreation Complex
    Recreation center - case study. case 66 again 8.5 x11 Case History No. 66. Gas INFRA-RED Heaters. Skaters Enjoy Rock-Solid Ice,. No Bothersome Fog. olaronics, Inc. is skating on solid ice at. the new Amherst Pepsi Center. Make that very solid ice on four sep-. arate rinks in Amherst’s
  • Case Study: Heat Staking
    with Infrared Welding systems. Capital investment is reduced. Backup tools are not needed. An IR Welding machine takes up less floor space, and electric consumption is much less. Injection molding tooling costs can be reduced since tongue-and-groove part designs for surface joining requirements
  • Convectors: When Looks and Performance Count
    Hotels, schools, retail stores, sports facilities and other building types typically have rooms that are most efficiently heated by the use of space heaters such as baseboards or convectors, radiant ceiling panels or infrared radiant heaters. For these applications, the "appearance" of the heating
  • Intricacies for the Successful Induction Heating of Steels in Modern Forge Shops (.pdf)
    ways to heat billets prior to hot forming (i.e., forging,. upsetting, rolling, extrusion, etc.) including the use of induction heaters, gas-fired. furnaces, infra-red heaters, electric and fuel-fired furnaces, etc. Over the past three. decades, induction heating has become an increasingly popular
  • Case Study - Powder Curing
    When a gas-fired curing oven for powder-coated castings couldn't keep pace with production, Whitehead Die Casting turned to Heraeus Noblelight for a more efficient solution using electric infrared instead of gas. Case Study: Infrared (IR) Processing and Powder Curing for Metals. Case Study: Powder
  • Case Study: Drying of Water Based Coatings
    for different film thicknesses. Figure 2 shows the spectra of different IR heaters operated with the same electric power but at different heater temperatures. The main absorption range of water is marked. The different radiation intensities of the IR heaters in this range explain the results obtained

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