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Parts by Number for Electric Meter Seals Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
416145 PLC Radwell General Electric Controls & Indicators, Panel Meter 4 DIGIT 5VDC DUST SEAL DISPLAY
21622 Allied Electronics, Inc. SIMPSON ELECTRIC Not Provided Panel Meter, Controller, Rugged Seal, Range 0-5DCA, 31/2 dual set point

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    temperature meter / controller capable. of 60 conversions per second. The plant engineers solved the problem. The application made use of the fact that grammed for Deviation Mode Operation. by attaching a low-mass Type T thermo-. all outputs of Laurel meters are electric-. (see page 37 of Laurel’s
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    , core temperature, cure time, and metering pressure. Each was evaluated in conjunction with mold design, another factor that is critical to successful injection molding with LSRs. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of electric injection molding machines and meter/mix equipment were assessed
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    . An electric power plant needed to add two. identical 14-inch centrifugal pumps to feed water. into its main boilers. The line size drops from 16. inches at the elbow to 14 inches at the pump. Fig. 1. Vortab Flow Conditioner and Flow Meter. inlet. The pumps are powered by 350 hp. electric motors
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    . Dispense time can be adjusted in increments as small as 0.001 seconds for extremely precise control over the amount of material applied. The operator places the dispense tip in position and taps an electric foot pedal to deposit an identical amount of material on every part. An adjustable vacuum
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    causing unplanned outages and costly downtime. Statistics show that five to ten arc-flash explosions occur in electric equipment daily within the US1. Unreported instances are reputed to be several times greater. Many of these victims are so badly burned they require treatment at special burn
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    EVALUATION The potential of a material to be HF weldable is based on properties inherent in the polymer. During HF welding, high- frequency electromagnetic energy in the form of an alternating electric field will cause polar molecules to oscillate very rapidly. This molecular motion can result
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    by a small electric field has a high loss factor and is easy to heat (see Table II). If the polarizing field changes direction at a high frequency, a considerable amount of energy, in the form of heat, can be imparted to each molecule of the material. Material. Loss Index. Response. (G=good, F=fair, P