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  • Linear actuator simplifies machine building
    describes is Exlar’s patented planetary roller screw technology. A specially designed roller screw mechanism converts electric motor power into linear motion. Planetary rollers assembled around the actuator’s extending rod follow threads that are precisely machined into the inside surface
  • Technology and Benefits of Programmable Linear Position Sensors (Based on Inductive Measurement)
    the LED/buttons in. communicating which button to press. A few of the applications that are using. this technology are material. handling equipment, crimping. machines and position. sensors for linear actuators. - 6 -
  • Kimco Application Guide for Voice Coil Actuators (.pdf)
    . The voice coil actuator is a non -commutated, two terminal limited motion device. It has. linear control characteristics, zero hysteresis, zero cogging and infinite position. sensitivity. It has low electric al and mechanical time constants and a high output power. to weight and volume ratio
  • MICRO:Products in Action (July '99)
    in several of their process steps. Amtec Automations (North Billerica, MA) has come up with a fully automated alternative to the old approach--an economical wet-etch process station that uses Rapidtrak linear actuators, SLO-SYN servomotors (with encoders), and an MX2000 controller made by Warner
  • Application Note: Comparative Motor Technologies
    Air Actuators use compressed air to move a piston for linear motion or turn a turbine for rotary motion. Responsiveness, speed and power (torque) are determined by air pressure and flow rate through the actuator. The greater the pressure, the greater the torque; the greater the flow, the higher
  • Low Cost Automation Tutorial: Construction Elements of Low Cost Automation (LCA)
    , etc. Rotary motor, linear motor, etc. Piezo-electric actuator, etc. Controller. Controller. Relay switch type. Programmable logic controller. Micro processor controlled. Relay logic sequence control. Programmable sequence controller. Personal computer (PC) control. Sensor. Detection sensor
  • Medical Device Link .
    to be easily customized. The actuator driving the pump is made of a piezoceramic material in lieu of a dc motor. Its power consumption is rated at less than 0.2 W. Aerotech. A fully integrated motion system couples automated material handling with direct-drive linear and rotary motion capabilities
  • Piezoelectrics in Positiong
    is. be obtained. related to electric fields. PZT. actuators do not produce mag-. netic fields nor are they. affected by them. Piezo. devices are especially well. suited for applications where. magnetic fields cannot be tol-. erated. 4-3. Advantages of Piezoelectric Positioning...(continued). Low

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