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  • Sensored BLDC Motor Control Using dsPIC30F2010
    a three-phase BLDC motor has three. An input change on these pins generates an interrupt. stator phases that are excited two at a time to create a. In the CN Interrupt Service Routine (ISR) the user. rotating electric field. This method is fairly easy to. application program reads the Hall effect
  • Medical Device Link .
    . The Model 1500XL dispenser makes clean, accurate placement of cyanoacrylates, epoxies, solvents, and sealants easy. A teach function facilitates setting of time and air pressure. The operator then simply places the dispense tip in position and presses an electric foot pedal to make accurate
  • Save Time and Money by Meeting the NFPA 79 Cable Requirements
    Connectors --15-Circular Connectors --16-Pin & Sleeve Connectors Cable Management --17-SKINTOP® Strain Relief Cable Glands --18- SILVYN® Conduit, Sleeving, & Track --19-FLEXIMARK® Cable Marking Systems Systems Technical Data. Advanced Product Searches: Cable Selector Connector Cross References EPIC (R
  • How RPM Impacts Torque Output
    . Torque Conversion Calculator. Torque Multipliers Rentals. Calibration and Repairs. Learning Center. Articles. Guides. Choosing the Correct Heavy-Duty Fastening Torque Tool. DIN and Standards for Fasteners. Durability of Brushless Electric Screwdriver vs Standard Electric Screwdrivers. Eliminate
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    adhesive include catheters, needles, and other plastic disposables. Motion control equipment Electric actuator consumes one third less power than air cylinders Described as an electromechanical alternative to air cylinders, a ball screw actuator offers multiple positioning and programmable