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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
METSEPM5560 Allied Electronics, Inc. SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Not Provided Intermediate Power Meter;Cl 0.2 Ethernet Port;Backlit LCD;4DI/2DO;128x128 Resol.
METSEPM5330 Allied Electronics, Inc. SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Not Provided Power Meter w/ Modbus; Cl 0.5 Serial Port; Backlit LCD; 2DI/2DO; 128x128 Resol.
METSEPM5563 Allied Electronics, Inc. SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Not Provided Power Meter w/o Display; Cl 0.2 Ethernet Port; DIN Mnt; 4DI/2DO; 128x128 Resol.
IC676CBLPWM100 PLC Radwell General Electric Not Provided IP67 POWER CORDSET - 10 METERS - MALE CONNECTOR W/
CP2I0WPB0140AZ PLC Radwell General Electric Not Provided POWER CABLE FOR B2HVIS AND B4HVIS MOTOR. 14 METERS
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  • Challenges in Electric Power Measurement
    The days of unlimited energy use belong to the past. Manufacturers of electric apparatus and machines are forced to optimize energy consumption of their products. One of the means to achieve this is to increase the efficiency. Solutions for better efficiency use power electronics, which produces
  • Wired 11.08: The Super Power Issue8 Super Powers
    the tank's hull. DSTL's "electric armor" consists of two metal plates constructed of top-secret alloys and separated from the tank by insulation. The plates are connected to a high-energy capacitor fed by the tank's power supply. The outer plate is grounded, while the inner plate is charged. When
  • Electric Current Abroad
    will be available for the higher voltage (the three phase wires and the neutral wire). Frequency stability- "Yes " indicates that the frequency is stable and that service interruptions are rare. If you need assistance with electric power frequency conversion, or have questions concerning the content
  • Thermal Mass Flow Meter Supports Feedback Control Loop In Boiler System for Thermal Electric Power Generation
    Publication. Thermal Mass Flow Meter Supports Feedback Control Loop. In Boiler System for Thermal Electric Power Generation. By Hu Yaqi, Automation & Process Control Engineer, Zhejiang Guohua Zheneng Power Generation Co., Ltd. and Steve Craig, Sr Engineer, Fluid Components International LLC (FCI). Visit
  • Designing Energy Meters with the PIC16F873A
    . added features, such as rms voltage and current and. peak demand metering, as local electric utility. N. ⎛. ⎞. companies desire to implement them. ⎜ Σ V. ⎟. Average Power. i • Ii. ⎝. k. k⎠. In this application note, we will discuss the implementa-. k = 1. (watts). =. tion of a basic watthour meter
  • Portable Leak Detection Instrument Improves Heat Rate at Electric Power Plant.
    By using a ruggedized portable ultrasonic leak detector, Mr. Brian Thorp, PdM Technician for Seminole Electric has been able to provide quick leak detection and repair on an aging steam condenser, allowing the utility to provide maximum power during high demand periods. Seminole Electric
  • Introduction to Flow Meters
    rating, accessibility, up or downstream turns, valves, regulators, and available straight-pipe run lengths. The specifying engineer must know if vibration or magnetic fields are present or possible in the area, if electric or pneumatic power is available, if the area is classified for explosion hazards
  • Uses for Electrical Meters Part 1
    are the standard unit of electric charge, defined by how much charge is transported by a current of one ampere per second. A nanocoulomb is one billionth of a coulomb, so this device is able to measure very small charges. A nanocoulomb meter can typically test objects using either a Faraday cup or a contact

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