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  • Synthetic Lubes Protect Electrical Connections, Reduce Warranty Claims (.pdf)
    components to. lubricants can be found in countless applications. enhance their operation. to ensure reliable operation long beyond the in-. Electrical connectors play a critical role in. tended life of the equipment. making all the components work properly. Con-. While connector failures are an issue
  • Secure Power with Next Generation SPDUs (.pdf)
    115 volts AC and 270 volts DC SPDUs.) The bus. aircraft need different electrical load capacity, which will determine. interface and input/output (I/O) module allow communication from. the number of next-generation SSPCs and the number of SPDU. the company’s next-generation SSPCs, which can accept
  • Medical Device Link . The Impact of International Standards on the Performance of Programmable Dc Power Supplies Electronics manufacturers who comply with global safety requirements are developing new, more powerful types of high-performance power su
    to power supplies and permitted manufacturers complying with the standards to distribute their products freely. North American manufacturers began to implement the more stringent European standards and, for the first time, were able to accommodate higher ac line voltages used in most other parts
  • Medical Device Link .
    Mezz and Searay connectors enhance personality and expansion cards used in medical equipment and other high-technology applications. Their employment can simplify PCB routing without sacrificing performance and can provide advanced electrical and mechanical features cost-effectively. Using patented
  • Fiber Optic Solutions from S.I. Tech, Inc.
    mode. . SC connectors (Options available). 2703. . Unmanaged Layer 2 Ethernet Switch. . Data Rate is 10/100 Mbps. . Offers 3 ports (2 optical & 1 electrical). . Power, Link Status, and Data Speed LEDs. . Din Rail Mounting Option. . Fiber In / Fiber Out / Ethernet Drop. 2181 / 2182. . USB 1.1
  • US Dynamics Rate Gyroscope Interface Brief
    inputs: 1. Spin motor excitation. Spin motor excitation provides the electrical power required to start and maintain the speed of the gyroscope spin motor, which is a synchronous induction, hysteresis type. Required here is a two phase AC signal, where the two phases are 90 electrical degrees displaced
  • Medical Device Link .
    are available. FCI, Manchester, NH. Interchangeable power supply adapters. A series of power supplies have an ac input range of 50 -60 Hz. Encased in small housings and designed to operate with high efficiency, the Friwo GPP10 10-W medical power supply series includes a range
  • How Does a Generator Create Electricity? How Generators Work
    Generators are useful appliances that supply electrical power during a power outage and prevent discontinuity of daily activities or disruption of business operations. Generators are available in different electrical and physical configurations for use in different applications. In the following