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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SCOTCHKOTE FD Allied Electronics, Inc. 3M/ELECTRONIC SPECIALTY MKTS Not Provided Scotchkote Electrical Coating Fast Dry, in brush-top 15-oz. can
SCOTCHKOTE4OZ Radwell 3m Home & Commercial Care Not Provided PKG QTY 10 ELECTRICAL COATING
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  • Electrophoretic Coating (E-coat)
    an electrical charge, which is then attracted to the part. In a method closely paralleling electroplating, paint is deposited using direct electrical current. The electrochemical reactions that occur cause water-soluble resins to become insolubilized onto parts that are electrodes in the E-coating paint
  • Graphite, A Multifunctional Additive for Paint and Coatings (.pdf)
    "Graphite, A Multifunctional Additive for Paint and Coatings" provides an overview of graphite's utility as a solid phase coating additive. The article is composed of sections that each present a basic principles explanation of how graphite imparts lubrication, thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Conformal Coating Planar Electroluminescent Displays - AN122
    performance. Conformal coating may also be effective in environments where salt mist can cause corrosion of electrical components. Planar uses ShadowCureTM Type AR aerosol conformal coating, manufactured by Loctite, which is formulated without chlorinated solvents or CFCs. The coating
  • BAE SYSTEMS Anti-Corrosive Aircraft Coatings
    copper alloy. The copper strenghtens the lightweight aluminium, but also acts as a cathode, increasing the corrosion rate of the alloy. Some aircraft manufacturers anodize their craft in order to prevent corrosion, but many use chromate conversion coatings. Chromate coatings have a lower electrical
  • Wafer Backside Coating of Die Attach Adhesives
    for the use of thinner chips, with lower electrical resistance and lower package height. As the adhesive is now a solid, flow and resin bleed-out beyond the outline of the die are negligible, allowing smaller package outlines. Additionally, processing time (UPH) may improve as the adhesive or solder
  • Medical Device Link . Using Parylene for Medical Substrate Coating
    surface may be required for a number of reasons, including physical isolation from moisture, chemicals, and other substances; surface passivation; electrical insulation; tie-down of microscopic particles; and reduction of friction. One material currently used to protect a wide variety of mechanical
  • Expanded PTFE Polymer Keeps Electrical and Electronics Cables Clean and Flexible
    , , " Machine Design, June 7, 2007 When you think of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), the nonstick coating on your pots and pans might be the first thing that comes to mind. Some of the same properties that let food release from cooking surfaces have made PTFE attractive to engineers for applications from
  • Glossary of Common Powder Coating Terms
    Back Ionization: An excessive build up of charged powder particles which may limit further powder being deposited on the substrate. The electrical charge on the surface layer may be reversed, repelling additional powder.Bulk Density: Mass per unit of volume in powder form including the air trapped

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  • Thermal Spray Fundamentals
    Current and expected applications for cold spray coatings are electronic and electrical coatings (Cu, Fe–NdFeB), and coatings for the aircraft (superalloy) and automotive industries for localized corrosion protection (Al, Zn), rapid tooling repair, etc. [2].
  • ASTM MNL17 - Paint and Coating Testing Manual: Fifteenth Edition of the Gardner-Sward Handbook
    TESTING CONDITIONS The test requirements for silicone coatings include MILI-46058C, Insulating Compound, Electrical (for Coating Printed Circuit Assemblies), for qualifying silicone coatings as insulating compounds for electrical coating applications of printed circuit board assemblies.
  • ZCP2011ITSC0890
    relatively low, resulting in technically quite stable electrical coating properties.
  • Dictionary of Industrial Terms
    Electrical Coating : The application of a layer of material onto the surface of a substrate.
  • CR4 - Thread: Electrical Coating needed for JUMP ROPES!
    Electrical Coating needed for JUMP ROPES!
  • ZCP2012ITSCCSP374
    The study examines the adhesion of single-impacting Cu particles as well as coating microstructures and mechanical and electrical coating properties.
    The study examines the adhesion of single-impacting Cu particles as well as coating microstructures and mechanical and electrical coating properties.
  • Paint and Coatings Industry Overview
    TOA has technical agreements with several Japanese coatings producers, including Chugoku in marine paints, Union Paint in wood finishes, and Shinto in automotive and electrical coatings .