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  • Designing a Base Station Coil for the HCS410
    are listed below. power supply and coil driver electrical characteristics,. the coil inductance, total coil losses at operating tem-. - The power supply filter loss, which reduces. perature and resonant capacitor can be calculated. the coil driver voltage. - The losses due to the field effect transistors
  • Success Story: Electromechanical Assembly
    approach that re-. sulted in a flawless assembly. USD first had to wind the. square wire electrical coils. The coils needed to fit into. the desired area and fit up properly with the cooling. tube. The machined base required tight flatness and. perpendicularity specifications. The coil windings were
  • How to Remove Electrical Insulation Varnish from Copper Lead Bundles
    Commonly called 'cleaning' in the transformer industry, the removal of insulation varnish has traditionally been done with gas torches or brushes. But transformer manufacturers are now discovering the cost and quality benefits of induction heating. How to remove electrical insulation varnish from
  • Stepper Motor Theory
    is created. This is referred to as a unipolar winding because the electrical polarity, i.e. current flow, from the drive to the coils is never reversed. The stepping sequence is illustrated in figure 6. This design allows for a simpler electronic drive. However, there is approximately 30% less torque
  • LVDT, Half Bridge and Digital Transducer Theory
    attached to the moving part. A simplified electrical schematic is shown in the figure. The secondary coils A and B are connected in series opposition so that the two voltages VA and VB have opposite phase and the transducer output is VA-VB. If the core is in the centre position then voltages
  • Stepping Motors Fundamentals
    motors combine aspects of both permanent magnet and variable reluctance technology. The stator, or stationary part of the stepping motor holds multiple windings. The arrangement of these windings is the primary factor that distinguishes different types of stepping motors from an electrical point of view
  • Why Motors Fail Part 1.
    components. Contamination is never good for electrical components. Contamination can destroy motors in three ways: Some airborne particulates are very abrasive. Motor coils flex when in use and contamination with abrasive particles eats away the wire enamel. Some substances, such as salt or coal dust
  • Dynamic sensing with LVDTs
    and displacement of a shaker head in a vibration tester. The core movement accurately represents mechanical displacement, with typical linearity of 0.025% of full range. A linear-variable-differential transformer, or LVDT, is basically a transducer that converts mechanical motion into an electrical