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  • Electrical Insulators and Dielectric Materials
    Electrical insulators and dielectric materials are ceramics with intrinsically low electrical conductivity. Internal porosity lowers bulk electrical conductivity. Insulators for DC or low frequency AC devices must have a high resistivity, good thermal resistivity, and low dilation coefficient
  • New PCT Compound for LED Reflector Resin
    Light-emitting diodes (LED), as a new light source, are being used more and more as display backlight and general lighting. Due to the increase of brightness and electrical current of LED packaging (PKG), there are demanding requirements of LED re ector resins on heat. and light stability. A high
  • Alkyd
    dimensional stability and electrical properties are the outstanding characteristics of most alkyd molding compounds. For electrical-grade materials, absorption can be as low as 0.5%. Alkyds are relatively low-loss materials, especially the mineral-filled and glass-filled grades. Those containing
  • Thermoset Composites
    , along with good mechanical, electrical, and chemical properties, and dimensional stability. Polyesters can be compounded to be flexible and resilient, or hard and brittle, and to resist chemicals and weather. Halogenated (chlorinated or brominated) compounds are available for increased fire retardance
  • MICRO:New Technologies-Analysis & Metrology, by Patrick J. McCann, p.93 (July '99)
    Patrick J. McCann, Khosrow Namjou, and I-Na Chao, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Oklahoma Advances in mid-infrared (IR) laser technology are possible by using new heteroepitaxial semiconductor laser fabrication methods. These advances should lead
  • Antistatic Filter Elements (.pdf)
    The filtration of electrically insulating slurries results in high voltage potentials. The subsequent electrical discharges induce an aging process on the membrane surfaces causing the membranes to become brittle. This results in premature failures of the membrane. To avoid these damages, Klinkau
  • Chalcogenide Glasses
    Chalcogenide glasses contain sulphide or other chalcogenide compounds or elements such as zinc selenide or zinc sulphide. Chalcogenide glasses exhibit electrical conductivity and are used for specialized optical applications. Chalcogenides are compounds based on a metal cation and a chalcogen anion
  • RoHS Directive and SMI's Plan Towards Compliance
    The RoHS Directive aim is simple - to restrict the use of six substances (See Figure 1 Below). within electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), thereby contributing to the protection of human health and the environment. While this is often called a Lead-Free Initiative, the other compounds listed
  • Medical Device Link .
    . UV21 consists of a one-component, 100% reactive composition. Curing is achieved almost immediately when exposed to UV light of 320 365 nm and radiation dosages of 20 40 W/cm . Average temperature range is from 65 to 250 F. Providing electrical insulation unaffected by exposure to moisture, UV21
  • Fused Silica
    is a high performance ceramic with very low expansion, remarkable thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation up to 1000°C and excellent resistance to corrosion from molten metal and glass.

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  • Sensor technique
    Electrical connecting materials .
  • Vie path manual motor vehicle technology
    A power management-system represents the electrical connection between Brennsto?zellensystem and vehicle.
  • Practice knowledge Mikrosystemtechnik
    � and envelopes and for production of compounds between chip and chip carriers (level 2 Packaging) requires different processing steps like, e.g., the separating of chips, its attachment to the chip carrier and the production of electrical connections to macroscopic contact pin �
  • Manual motor vehicle electronics
    The electrical connection between fuel cell system and vehicle is produced over the Power-distribution-box (PDB) that takes the current distribution in the vehicle.