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  • Lighting Strike Test Results
    to construct more efficient aircraft, manufacturers are designing more components out of light-weight composite materials. Current composite structures include engine nacelles, flaps, wing tips, and even rotary blades on helicopters and wind turbines. Composites, however, are poor conductors of electrical
  • Highly Conductive Insulation for Large, High-Speed Machines
    . This paper investigates functional electrical insulation integrity of highly thermally-conductive silicone-impregnated-fiberglass insulation through short-term, highly accelerated aging tests. This insulation system offers up to three times the thermal conductivity of traditional insulation, which
  • Medical Device Link .
    , and other electrical tests are not foolproof, when used efficiently such tests can identify the majority of existing electrical problems and can lead to the discovery of their root causes. The task is made easier by the fact that electrical failures in this class are events that have already
  • Medical Device Link .
    that the interfaces are actually rough, not smooth as they appear to the eye. The phenomenon of electrical conductivity occurs only over a small percentage of the metal area, at the few points where the metal surfaces are truly in contact. When these surfaces are abraded, the base metal is exposed
  • How Much Have You Been Charged? (.pdf)
    , and this energy can be discharged in a spark when they come in close contact with an earthed object, or one at a lower electrical potential. FEDSOR0036_EarToTheGround_V2.cdr How Much Have You Been. How Much Have Y. The Possible Accumulation of. Previous articles in Ear To The Ground have
  • Medical Device Link .
    the electrical safety tests routinely required in the production of electronic medical products. Available from QuadTech Inc. (Maynard, MA, USA), the Guardian 6100 can perform up to nine critical electrical safety tests in sequence. It enables the stringent safety testing required of medical products
  • Liquid cooled LED arrays as bright as 30 headlights
    with an optical compound and electrical and fluidic interfaces. The significant increase in output of the new cooling modules was made possible by several development projects. For example, the usual thermal bottleneck seen in glued components was avoided altogether through the development of new chip assembly
  • Strain Gage Technical Data
    Instruments. Sensors and Transducers. Motion. Pilot Devices. Stack Lights/Warning Tower Lights. Wire Connection. Power Products. Drives & Motors. NEMA Electrical Enclusures. Relays and Timers. What's New. Application/Industry. Wireless. Sanitary. Test & Measurement. Calibration Equipment. Environmental
  • Thermal Millboard - D-8080
    D-8080 is a thermal barrier material suitable for dry heat applications, electrical fixtures, and light-duty appliances. It can be used as a radiant heat shield where insulating properties are needed. Sealinfo: D-8080 - Gasket sealing solutions and engineered composite materials. Gasket Materials
  • Comparing Substrate Solutions for Automotive Power Electronics Applications (.pdf)
    . of the thermal testing are compared based on. dissipate between 10 – 20 Watts, depending on mode of. appropriate application of the substrate technology. operation. Future hybrid vehicle applications will require. power electronics that control the application of electrical. INTRODUCTION. energy

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