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  • Bigger niche for cured-in-place gaskets
    simplifies production and adds value to manufacturing economically. Typical automotive gasketing applications include water-pump housings, oil pans, rocker-arm covers, and intake manifolds. Less-hostile gasket environments include lamp housings, electrical boxes, and air-filter housings. Here gaskets
    electrical and electronic equipment inside the enclosure. While gaskets are primarily used to exclude the external environment from entering an enclosure-such as dust, dirt, water, and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)-they can also be used to contain noise or other
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    will improve the electrical contact, and this contact will eventually degrade if scalloping of the flange face and necking of the fasteners start to occur. Therefore, the optimum pressure to employ is the pressure achieved at the point just prior to where the curve is seen to level off as shown
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    , the electrical properties of the EMI gasket material play a significant role in shielding performance. Because EMI gasket materials typically depend on proper compression to achieve optimal electrical properties, shielding problems can often be traced back to mechanical design issues that limit
  • Tight seals for the long haul
    , for example, gaskets seal the cover and housing to protect electrical contacts inside. If gasketing
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    . UV21 consists of a one-component, 100% reactive composition. Curing is achieved almost immediately when exposed to UV light of 320 365 nm and radiation dosages of 20 40 W/cm . Average temperature range is from 65 to 250 F. Providing electrical insulation unaffected by exposure to moisture, UV21
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on IV Components
    in. The elasticity of the resin material and the high conductivity of the copper plating provide stability of the electrical contact, even under conditions of heavy vibration. One Penn Plaza, Ste. 4526, New York, NY 10119. (212/629-3620) Combination hook and stick EMI/RFI shielding provides
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    metal enclosure required to create a Faraday cage or shield (an electrical apparatus designed to prevent the passage of electromagnetic waves). One technique uses the housing of the device as the EMI enclosure. The cavities on the inside of the cover are metallized on the surface and electrically
  • Seven Versatile Sealing Materials
    all-inclusive. But these widely used materials meet most sealing requirements. (polysiloxane) is the elastomer of choice for a broad range of high-performance seals. It is flexible at low temperatures, has outstanding heat resistance, low compression set, and is a good electrical insulator. Silicone

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