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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
2708863 Allied Electronics, Inc. PHOENIX CONTACT Not Provided Repeater for electrical isolation and range increase for Profibus (4 way) 12MBPS
2864189 Allied Electronics, Inc. PHOENIX CONTACT Not Provided MCR 4-way signal duplicator for electrical isolation /doubling of analog signals
2864781 Allied Electronics, Inc. PHOENIX CONTACT Not Provided MCR passive isolator, 2-channel, for the electrical isolation of current signals
2313449 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Segment coupler - 2313449 Modular segment coupler for electrical isolation and increasing the range for DeviceNet/SDS/CANopen, data rate of up to 1 Mbps. Different data rates at the interfaces can be configured via software. High-quality electrical isolation between the interfaces, DIN-rail mountable, 24 V DC supply.
2924236 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Repeater power supply - MACX MCR-EX-SL-RPSSI-2I-SP - 2924236 Ex i measuring transducer power supply and input isolating amplifier, HART. Transfers supplied or active 0/4 - 20 mA electrically isolated signals from the Ex area to two loads in the safe area. 4-way electrical isolation, SIL 2 according to IEC 61508, Push-in Technology.
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  • Low-Cost, High-Speed I2C Isolation with Digital Isolators
    the propagation delay from side B The added delay introduced by this circuit is compatible. (isolated side) to side A (non-isolated side). with I2C or SMBus operation at speeds up to 400 kHz. Figure 3. Propagation Delay A (Non Isolated Side ) to B. 5. References. 1. Blozis, Steve, "Opto-electrical
  • Potential isolation in industrial test engineering
    In industrial plants, the transmission of analog measuring and control signals almost always requires electrical isolation of the signals being processed both for safety reasons and in order to achieve optimum signal quality . Measurements at dangerously high voltages or in areas where
  • BBG Tech Tips #6: Electrical Test (.pdf)
    The bare board is electrical tested to ensure that it reflects the original design as intended. The test is typically a series of continuity and isolations tests. There are basically two methods for testing: golden board testing and netlist testing. Microsoft Word - BBG Tech Tip 3-1.doc BBG
  • Electrical Safety
    An important parameter when selecting a suitable electrical isolator is the permitted working voltage (rated isolation voltage). It indicates the permitted potential difference between the different circuits (input, output and supply current circuits) (see Fig. 17). The permitted working voltage
  • Building Safe and Reliable Electrical Systems with Optocouplers
    electronics must also be protected from hazards such as electromagnetic interference and voltage spikes. Avago's optocouplers provide safety and protection unmatched by any other isolation technology. White Paper - Building Safe and Reliable Electrical System Optocouplers (404 KB)
  • Isolation Device in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Application - White Paper (.pdf)
    illustrates the typical engine control. voltage electrical and low voltage digital circuits in the. system of an HEV and inverter voltage sensing of the. systems. An electrical isolation will be ideal to provide. battery system. The controls, including a built-in AC. stable operation, eliminate electrical
  • Safety Considerations When Using Optocouplers and Alternative Isolators for Providing Protection Against Electrical Hazards
    Optocouplers and alternative isolation technologies find widespread use in a variety of products for signal isolation and high voltage level shifting. These devices may also be used to provide safety related insulation. Considering these electrical concerns, it is necessary to understand the safety
  • Isolation Transformer to Perform Line Leakage or Functional Run Tests
    these types of tests. First and foremost we need to always consider minimizing the operator risk for electrical shock during any safety testing. Using an isolation transformer or an isolated power source can greatly reduce the potential shock hazard for the operator. Some Line Leakage standards direct
  • Ground Isolation in Video Transmission
    . HUMSTOPPERS. between the electrical midpoint of the balanced line. conductors and ground. A 60 Hz voltage between the The shunt transformer circuit is shown Fig. 3c. two midpoints at the ends of a balanced line is thus a The North Hills designation for this device is. common mode signal. “Humstopper
  • Avago Technologies: Automotive Optocouplers - Beyond Meeting the Electrical Performance at High Temperature (.pdf)
    The trend of electric or hybrid electric vehicles has accelerated the introduction of electronic components into cars. The components residing under the hood will experience high ambient temperatures in excess of +105°C. While some products are able to meet electrical specifications up

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