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Parts by Number for Electrical Joint Compound Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PENE8 PLC Radwell Burndy Tools, Soldering Supplies/Equipment PENETROX ELECTRICAL JOINT COMPOUND 8OUNCE
PENA138 PLC Radwell Burndy Tools, Soldering Supplies/Equipment JOINT COMPOUND 8OUNCE PENETROX ELECTRICAL
78378661149-1 Carlton-Bates Company THOMAS & BETTS Electrical Joint Compound Anti-Oxidant Compound 4 oz Squeeze Bottle
01015113298-1 Carlton-Bates Company GC ELECTRONICS Electrical Joint Compound Heat Sink Grease Compound 1 oz Tube
78621080636-1 Carlton-Bates Company THOMAS & BETTS Electrical Joint Compound Anti-Oxidant Compound 8 oz Brush Cap
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    . UV21 consists of a one-component, 100% reactive composition. Curing is achieved almost immediately when exposed to UV light of 320 365 nm and radiation dosages of 20 40 W/cm . Average temperature range is from 65 to 250 F. Providing electrical insulation unaffected by exposure to moisture, UV21
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    delaminations of the molding compound from the tie bar in a pattern that created a direct path to the exterior (see Figure 2). In terms of performance and reliability, the defects seen in all of the component groups represent two distinctly different classes: defects that will cause electrical failures
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