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  • Ground-fault interrupters
    as an example of how these switches operate. Phase and neutral power conductors pass through a toroidal (differential) current transformer. Under normal conditions, the vector sum of the currents in the live and neutral conductors will equal zero. In an unhealthy circuit a residual current flows
  • BBG Tech Tip #3: Blind and Buried Vias (.pdf)
    Blind and buried vias are needed when the circuit artwork or design is of a very tight or heavy packaging density that would not allow a via or vias to pass entirely through all the layers of the circuit board without interfering with another electrical feature.
  • How to specify a slip ring
    Slip rings are always part of a larger mechanism with a need to pass specific electrical power and signal circuits through a rotating surface. The mechanism the slip ring is part of operates in an environment such as an aircraft or a ship. Therefore, to create a slip ring design that will succeed
  • Ultra-thin mirror for high-performance optics
    requiring low power consumption. VCSELs have a particularly short gain medium, so a highly reflective mirror is needed. High reflectivity is possible with DBRs, in which light passes through alternating layers of aluminum gallium arsenide (AlGaAs), which has a refractive index of 3.0, and gallium
  • History and Properties of Thermoelectric Devices
    In 1834 Jean Peltier discovered that when electrical current passes through a closed circuit made up of two dissimilar metals, heat energy is absorbed at one dissimilar metal junction and discharged at the other junction. This discovery is the basis for all thermoelectric devices, and is quantified
  • When Wire Feedthroughs Make Sense
    Engineers who work with pressure and vacuum chambers usually reach for off-the-shelf sealed bulkhead connectors when they need to pass power and signal wires through the chamber wall. And while these connectors may seem like the best or only way to breach the chamber walls, they can actually drive
  • EDM - Sometimes Graphite Just Isn't Enough - 03/07
    inexpensive and is easily machinable when creating detailed electrodes. Porosity is inherent in the microstructure of graphite. This porosity acts as an insulator to electrical currents as they travel through the electrode and therefore raises the resistivity value of
  • Megger-Fault_Finding_Solutions
    When voltage is impressed across any insulation system, some current leaks into, through, and around the insulation. When testing with dc highvoltage, capacitive charging current, insulation absorption current, insulation leakage current, and by-pass current are all present to some degree
  • Removal of Volatile Metals from Corrosive Gases by a New Purifier
    Contamination control in etch processing is one of the key issues in the semiconductor industry. Even the highest-purity etch gases are known to contain volatile metal species in addition to trace moisture and particles. Volatile metal species pass through 0.003 ~ particle filters to the wafer
  • Coming to a computer near you: Magnetic Memory
    Magnets that remember could be the next big thing in computer memory In read mode, a small current passes through the tunneling barrier of the memory cell. The cell resistance is measured and compared with a reference cell to determine its state (0 or 1). In write mode, a current through the trace